New section to trade and resell farmable items?

I made a thread before but without images, the idea might not be so clear to imagine.

I was thinking that maybe a player who has excessive ham and iron can use the trading section to get farmable 1* to 3* ingredient and ascension items. Because sometime it’s nice to have more ham and iron, but when it comes to crafting the item, error 404: ingredient not found. :joy: Or as for me, I would like to have more adventure kit and wooden sword, but I don’t have enough gems to keep on refilling my world energy to farm those training items.

So maybe we can have trade section like this:-

*Please take note this is not beta content. I just did some editing…:sweat_smile:

In case if you want to sort it:-

And for those who have extra firestone, wooden sword, training manual or etc items that they not gonna use, maybe they can resell it for ham or iron.

I hope this images gives clear idea that I wanted to share.

This is a good idea and should probably be posted in one of the many threads dedicated to “trading” items. I do realize this is not exactly trading items, but it is trading items in for Ham/Iron. You should probably post this under a current topic that is discussing the issue and you’ll get more activity on the idea.

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