New seasonal Heroes


Seasonal heroes are quite good but they have been out there about 2-3 years already. With Atlantis, new HOTM, Costumes and season 3, I would love to see new seasonal heroes and introduce new mechanichs un the existing ones (Like event families)

What do you think?

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A revamped version of Springvale is expected in Beta soon, so we may see new Heroes added.

I’ll be posting any available information in a new Beta Beat thread when the testing cycle begins.


Is this your personal guess or mod information that is allowed to be shared already? :wink:

It’s a statement SGG made.

Edit: Here’s the quote & the link of the news/update -

Bigger Seasonal Events: All Seasonal Events will be updated to include new heroes and rewards. More information coming later in 2020!

Edit 2: But we were also promised a Hero academy…sooooo…


What @voidstrike said.


Haha thanks… I already forgot about that… :roll_eyes:

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That’s why I’ve been saying we may see new Heroes.

I have more recent confirmation than that announcement that the updated Seasonal Events are being worked on, but not more recent confirmation that they’ll include new Heroes.

I have every expectation that they will, but will wait to see Beta before confirming.


When Wonderland meets Springvale…


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