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So as the title suggest, I would like you all to talk about what season 3 should consist of. I have three ideas/stories that SG could use to make very interesting (and not to mention profitable) season 3 entries into the game. I will have them in order from my least favorite to my most desired. Of course you can all feel free to add your ideas to this topic as well as critique/edit/add onto mine.

My first story/idea for season 3: Thumbelina

The heroes of Empires & Puzzles (E&P) hear a small cry for help and realize a small fairy prince has come for their aid because his potential wife has been kidnapped by a toad monster (anyone who has seen the 1994 Warner Bros film should know what I’m talking about).

This story arc has the potential for several good 5* and 4* heroes with the fairies, Thumbelina and Thumbelina’s mother as well as all the farm and woodland animals. The villains for this story arc are the beatles, Mr. Mole, the toads and Father Winter (main villain from the movie).

All the fairies would be fire heroes (some 5* but most 4*) because they are weak to ice in the movies (the prince gets frozen to death by Father Winter’s icy blast, but later thawed out by the June bugs). You have mamma toad and her four sons who could be 4* heroes of every element. You have Thumbelina’s mother who could be a really good holy hero in my opinion and Thumbelina herself could be a great earth hero (since she was born out of a flower).

My second idea is by far more impressive and something I think many of you would like.


In this particular season you have Alice collide with Vivica/Elena/Richard asking her if she has seen a talking white rabbit, when they are all jumped by the knight of hearts and his men and the story begins there.

5* heroes:
Queen of Hearts/Unholy (even though one of her primary colors is red)
Mad Hatter/Green
White Rabbit/Red
Cheshire Cat/Unholy
Knight of Hearts/Red
The White Queen/Ice
The Red Queen/Red

Some potential 4* heroes
Door mouse
Absolem (the catepillar)
Knave of Hearts
King of Hearts
Tweedle Dee
Tweedle Dumb
The forest flowers
March Hare (the rabbit at the mad tea-party)

and some random 3* heroes.

Now my final and favorite idea for a new season of E&P… The Wizard of Oz.

For this story-line, you have our heroes from E&P get swept up in a tornado and transported to Oz. It is there that they encounter Munchkin land and do battle with the Munchkins and Glenda the good witch. After Vivica recognizes Glenda through their shared use of magic and Glenda recognizes her, both parties agree to a cease fire. After our heroes finish explaining that they got caught up in a storm and landed their by mistake, Glenda sets them out to catch up with Dorthy (and her little dog too) so that they may accompany her to Oz so that they can all get back home, but she warns them that two powerful witches (Wicked Witches of the West & East) are out to get Dorthy and any unsuspecting travelers too ignorant to understand the dangers within Oz.

list of potential heroes:
Tin Man/Fire
Cowardly Lion/Nature
Scare Crow/Holy
Wicked Witch of the West/Fire (since she shoots fire and melts due to water)
Wicked witch of the East/Unholy
The Wizard of Oz/Unholy

Flying Monkey
Emerald city Knight
Wicked Witch bodyguard
Porcelain Doll

Read the book and watch the movie… plenty of creatures to choose from.

Well that’s all I’ve got folks. If you want to piggyback off of my ideas or create your own, I encourage you to do so.

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Too sweet!!! :unamused::unamused::unamused:
I’m not a moderatore

I greatly like Thumbelina, mainly because this is the first place I have heard of it on the Forums. Equally interested in Alice.

I’m wondering what other products that have passed copyright dates might be also available?

Jungle book
Conan the barbarian

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The jungle book is a really good one too, my only issue is that that story doesn’t have enough human/humanoid characters that SG may not consider it.

Honestly, I’m not interested in importing stories from modern culture into E&P. Santa is jarring enough.

The general arc of Thumbelina’s story could be reworked into a good storyline, I agree.

Given SGG’s Nordic roots, I’d be delighted to see adaptations of a saga from the Norse legends, with Thor, Odin, Freya, and the other mythic gods, goddesses, and heroes of those legends,

Or go a little south and pick up the Niebelunglied (famously set into operas by Richard Wagner).


Odin would be an awesome OP God/Hero/Tank

Norse Mythology would provide a lot of characters/hero ideas Also SGG has raided Greco-Roman myths already (Atlantis heroes, Perseus) so would fit well with the existing line up!

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Thanks for the tag

I think your idea is better suited to a challenge event.

But I reckon we should fight your bosses in a special alliance challenge as a break from titans.

How good would it be to verse super buffed 6* Alice as tank, Mad Hatter and Cheshire in flank, and have the whole alliance bring them down together

We could also put more modern heroes.

images This steals your inventory bombs.

mq455uck_donald-trump-afp_625x300_02_October_18 This distracts you with pieces of Lego to build a wall.

It drowns you with your crying because no one wants it.

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I refuse to recognize any of them. They are not CAT! :grin:


Sounds like SOMEONE is angling for Bagheera.

Hush now! Just because it’s a black cat…! :grin:




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Turns out his legal gender is “really BIG cat.”

But…maybe just rename Guardian Panther?

Ha! Bagheera is male, Guardian Panther is female.

Yay! More cats! :grin:


Doraemon. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s weird how some of you must have known Alice in Wonderland was going to be a challenge event when I wrote this because I had no idea.

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I certainly didn’t know. Reviewing posts in a parallel thread in beta forums, @Magnifica wins the “Earliest Mention” prize for an Alice in Wonderland event, dating back to January '18.

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I had no idea either, you got what you wanted, sorta!

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