New season for the Provinces


Does anyone know if there will be a new season for the Provinces ??? I finished the map already and it says season 1 complete.


Pretty sure, you mean provinces, not quests. Or did I miss something?


Yeah, lol. I meant provinces


Just waiting like you for more. I finished 3 weeks ago and other players are waiting for much longer.

I hope for the next update…or the next next update…and maybe this year we get a second season.
So long we have titans and events…


Did you think the ending of this season was kinda boring??? I figured we
would get more rewards from the ending.


I’m still holding off completion, so I’m not disappointed yet. Haven’t heard when the next Season will come, but pretty sure it will come :slight_smile:


I should have held off. I didn’t know you can’t go back in and play again when you complete it.


Oh don’t worry. I don’t think it’s going to change for Season 1. I do look forward to news about Season 2!


You can still do all the map provinces enen after you completed the season 1. To farm for materials etc.

If you are unable to do that, contact support.


Yeah, I figured out how to get back in