New season 4 province mission levels up on all provinces

When working on the mission of complete 200 levels in Province 22: grave of anathos SEASON IV STAGES 5, defeating levels in provinces 23 and 24 of boneburrow and echoing caverns for some reason all count towards the completion of the mission

Think it’s working as intended, Grave of Anathos is the biome name you need to do the stages towards the mission and first province has the same name. Thats my view :slight_smile:

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Well if that’s the name of the entire area I guess that would make sense but I don’t see anywhere clearly marking anything in anyway other then the individual names of each and every province ss it’s own area its own town its own province… and the quest is to complete a specific province by name… how does that make sense that defeating a level in a different province than the one specifically mentioned as the mission should count as having defeated a level in a province that’s ADJACENT to the one the mission states to complete

And wow. I reread what It was you said and went and looked at what you were talking about and I see now. If you open the biome effect it Says grave of anathos effect each time… I guess that explains it but it definitely is not clear or obvious in any way

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