New S3 province 7 special stages bugged

it is the one where they cut your mana when a monster dies. the description specifically says that 15% mana is cut when a monster dies, and this works properly when you kill a monster with a special skill - immediately all heroes get their mana cut. however, when you kill a monster with tiles, it doesnt cut the mana right after death, it waits for all tile cascades, which might fill your heroes’ mana, and THEN cuts the mana.

either make it consistent with the description, and apply mana cut right after the mob dies. or change the description and apply the cut at the end of the round of specials and tile moves. not “we take your mana when it hurts you most, bugger the description”! :angry:

It takes the mana when there is a break in play…

In the middle of a cascade, the play is still progressing thru…


that is clearly not what the description says.

when the battle is over, the final stage, it stops, even if there are matched tiles on the board. so it can stop in the middle of the cascade.

this needs to be brought to SG attention, so they either change the behavior or the description.

It’s a logic sequence. If you’ll notice, the realm effects all occur at approximately the same stage of every turn. Very basic in turn based games be they digital or even tabletop.

You can try…

But you’ll notice that heroes don’t “die” until there is a break in the game… Tiles can continue to cascade and “hit” an enemy hero despite them being dead from the very first tile… They also gain mana the whole way too (only affects if they get revived).

It’s just the way the game considers a hero as “dead”

Deaths aren’t processed in raids or battles until a break in play… The final mob HP seems to have a separate mechanic in that play stops immediately when the final enemy dies…

and what is that “approximately same stage” exactly?

that is only true for the combo which killed the hero/monster. the remaining tiles of the same combo will “hit” the empty place, after the killing combo the hero/monster is removed from the field and the next combo will ghost through the hole where the hero/monster was. this is the moment where, according to the description, the mana cut should be applied.
moreover, the death can be processed even after a killing tile, even if it is the first tile in a combo. the perfect example is a hero in perfect riposte - if it is near death, and you kill it with the first tile of a combo, even though the remaining tiles hit the dead hero, you only receive counter-attack damage for that first tile, since the hero is dead after that.

so no, deaths aren’t exclusively processed when there is a break in the play - they are processed after a killing combo and in certain cases even killing tiles.
that is why I started this thread - there is either an error in description of the stage or the implementation of is bugged.

and what do you mean by that? as a mod, what are your functions, other than policing the forums? I thought you were a bridge between players and game staff bringing game issues to their attention?

That’s not the reason for that. The reason you only get counter damage from the first hit is because counter attack damage is only calculated based on available HP. A bug occurred in V26 which was fixed again in V27.

None really… We have interactions with SOME staff, but our job (or rather the thing we volunteer for) is to moderate the forum. That’s it. Game stuff is handled by staff. They monitor the forum and intervene/ investigate when there are bugs… Us mods are just here to add extra eyes to the official community Forum & to ensure that the #forum-rules get followed :slight_smile:

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semantics. available HP equal to 0 means dead. my point is, the game mechanics can update battle progress not only at the end of rounds or “when there is a break”, but also on a very fine timescale, up to a tile thrown.

so you, the mods, dont bring staff attention to any bugs in this sub-forum? they decide themselves whether they want to act upon it and then leave feedback in the thread?

Sometimes but usually no… As I said. They monitor the forum… The developers / QA team keep an eye on #bugs-issues; others keep an eye on #ideas-feature-requests etc…

I think the devs probably decide if it’s indeed a bug or working as programmed. If they do indeed see every topic here.

I’m not a dev. I’m not a mod. I’m just a guy trying to provide one viewpoint. That is, I don’t think it’s broken.

I see.
well, it is only in one province and after it is finished, it is loot tickets time.

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