🍵 New Riddles of Wonderland Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Thanks guys! I had seen some comments on here about top 10k and wondered what I was doing wrong!

Kill them before they kill you :face_with_monocle:

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First thing it take Melendor out. He is great but unless you really need him you are wasting a spot since the damage he does to green is reflected. You can use green if its really necessary but remember the tiles will get ALL the damage reflected. But you can use the skill so Peter’s silence could be useful on bosses if you take him and keep him alive.

I don’t think your team is high enough to beat this yet. Try to do as many levels as you can but I wouldn’t waste items doing it.

Soon you will be able to finish Epic and then later you might do LEgendary. I had to play for a bit before I could beat Rare but then I did and took on Epic and later Legendary. I beat this last time in February when it debuted but the new heroes and the increased hp make it much harder. They have made the bosses have more HP so you can’t just get to the last stage and nuke them. On Legendary they have just under 7000 hp. Even with axes, bombs and dragons you can only take out 4500 hp. It is still a big fight to take out the other 3000 since they are all fast and hit hard. But that is legendary.

Just keep playing and as for getting higher scores, what I do is play through the whole thing then go back and replay them. To increase it you should watch Anchor’s video or others to see how to get better scores but mainy you should be under 1 minute on rare fights and all your heroes should be alive. Of course if there is a chest it will take longer but that’s OK since you get a 5000 point bonus. PLus those coins are worth it even if you didn’t get the bonus.

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I’d love to see some scores for each level to see where I can improve (specifically rare) but maybe I’m derailing this thread and it should be it’s own or tucked away in the Riddles post.

There is a place for that!


I finished Legendary and just finished epic which I think is a little harder with what you are allowed to bring.
Legendary: Kiril, BT, Mitsuko, Joon, Magni
Epic: Kiril, Rigard, Triton, Grimm, Kelile
I used Axes, Bombs, Small health pots, Revive scrolls
Again with this being the 1st complete I wanted to make sure I got through it so I did use all the items including the revive scrolls. Not having Mits I had to deal with Alice too. I will try them again to see if I can do it without items too but it was nice to see it can be done with only S1 heroes. I think you could do it Legendary with the Epic heroes I used too since you get to bring dragons to hit them too.
Next is rare which should be ok. I find that it usually is the easiest and not just because its lower HP but the ratio of hero to boss seems better. I will know in a bit though I might wait until tomorrow.
Looks like I have to wait until next week for Shiloh to get Darts for the next yellow. Boy woudl I LOVE to pull Rabbit with my coins. I did get a few chests in that run through. I think there were 2 but I might have seen 3. I only had 1 in Legendary and more in Epic.

@Scarecrow I hope you make this a regular thing since I think others would benefit from this especially if you do this with Christmas as I know last year I couldn’t pass MN on those final levels. I have much better heroes this time though.

Only ones left are Grimforest with Snow White and Guardians which I found the easiest for me since they are red and yellow reflect. I can stack blue for Grimforest and Purple for Guardians and I have decent heroes in those colors at all levels. I am interested in Snow White to see how she will take on Mitsuko as her skill should be a counter for her.

Yes I agree with this as well. On my alt the first thing after the TC that I took to 20 was the forge. Making those items is crucial. As you said the epic stages are more difficult for lack of items in legendary. But it can be done with only 4* S1 heroes. I used to tell my alliance members that it was OK to use a continue on the seasonal events(these are different)) since you got an epic token in advanced. I told them to try it without it but if they had to they could use the gems to continue. Since you get the token its OK, I look at it as a token being 300 gems so you are getting a pull plus the mats for 75 gems if you have to use it.

Mitsuko not only will reflect her special back, but since the defense is buffed, Snow White will hit herself several times harder. Should kill herself instantly. We’ll see…

No, Snow white is Mits counter. She removes all the buffs from enemies but she also removes them from allies. Then she hits ALL enemies and does more damage per effect removed. Here is her current form from Beta:
Rarity: Legendary/5*

Attack: 756
Defense: 747
HP: 1299

Class: Cleric
Family: Grimforest
Element: Ice/Blue

Mana Speed: AverageSlow

Special Skill: Poison Apple

  • Dispels all buffs and status ailments from all allies and enemies.
  • Deals 200%180% damage to the targetall enemies, and additional 20%15% damage per removed status effect, up to 520%420% damage in total.

You’re right, I forgot she removes first… Then should play carefully to not have any buff the time Snow White is almost charged :slight_smile:

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Woohoo. I am happy.
I have completed Rare and Epic, and now I just finished Legendary 14. I am on the final stage. I have never even got past half way for Epic let alone Legendary, so I am very happy.

For the past couple Legendary I have used:

Maxed Kiril, Maxed Rigard and Maxed Kelile.
2/60 Miki and 3/60 Proteus.

I have 4 capes and when I get some gloves, I will ascend Miki, so he can have more health and defense, as right now he is using a lot of health pots.

I have been taking 20 small health, 5 big health, 10 small mana and 5 big mana


Another reason not to use Melendor aside from him being green, is that the bosses put up no dangerous buffs so his dispel is wasted. Also his dispel will remove Wilbur’s shared damage which may or may not be beneficial depending on your approach. Kiril or Boldtusk are much better options. Neither Rigard or Sabina are very useful either since you can’t dispel Chesire or Jabberwock.

Wilbur and Proteus are a good start, but you need them both fully leveled to compete for a high ranking. Mine are anywhere from +7 to +19. Those fighting for the very top spots will likely be +20 across the board.

For improving your rank, you should be changing up your teams. No healer and no Proteus for the early levels. All pew pew. Go without a healer up until I think it’s Level 9 with the first triple boss. Nobody will die with Wilbur and a few healing pots.

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Melendor is squishy, reflect green and Melendor has high attack, so it is not good. If Rigard even in purple reflect is still ok, because Rigard has small att and purple VS purple is weak, so the reflect almost not noticed.

This was a lucky coin pull… of course it wasn’t one of mine…LOL. I hate those videos it makes you think you can just do the same thing. And he got 2 5* in a 10X but they were Richard and THorne…haha. But this I would take and quit!


I am not so sure, given our debate over at: V25 says direct mana reduction is a status effect

Wouldn’t you say that dispelling buffs is a negative effect (just like reducing mana)?

Well, Mitsuko’s new card text says she’ll block that from happening from an ice hero like Snow White.

Edit: And yes, I’m aware that there is precedent for Sonya being able to dispel Mitsuko’s reflect, but given the new text, I’m suggesting that it shouldn’t be possible and @Scarecrow will need to open a new thread in #bugs-issues next month after Snow White gets released.


Noticed the new heros can’t be dispelled that’s going to be a royal pita when you go against them if they fire! Defo going to start on my first 5* dark once fin proteus I can take to 2/60 then work on vald as i lack compasses badly! Plus a monk I’m low on them got nearly 300 emblems. Still going to try for a Wilbur if i get one will give some to him! Also cod is a padalin which I’m also lacking Iv got to much ice as it, on Ariel she be 2/60 soon then I was going to take Athena to 2/60 but may start on cod for trails can least get him to 3/60

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uuuuh i get exactly the same pull ;S
SGS trolling xD

I wish I had Mitsuko :slight_smile: Well, I see the description was changed. So, removing the buffs being a negative effect will be blocked. And it means SW will get damage herself, but not increased, since her removing is blocked in the first place. Well, it seems the devs are aware of the power of the SW and made Mitsuko the perfect opponent. For a player like me, perhaps will pass years to get either of each heroes, perhaps never. But somewhere among the big spenders, these OP heroes should have at least a counter.

It’s acrually this thread :slight_smile:

But i’m searching also some indication for references.
In rare i’m now on 25k position, but just played out so with some replays i can maybe aim at top 10k.
But some scores would be Handy to see whether to replay which levels.

Why Epic is so difficult this time? I can’t finish the last level with near 3200 team power. Kelile and Chao on talent grid 9, Kiril level 60, Boldtusk level 70, and a three star purple level 50. I get to the last three bosses but they devastate me with their undispellable skills. Which is quite dumb really, it neutralizes antidotes, some heroes skills which is a controversy and should not happen in a well balanced game.

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