New reward for one shot titan attacker

Hi There
Wouldn t be good to reward the titan attacker making the most damage to the titan in one attack? Or at least to name the player in the results table?
For instance 10 emblems if less than 100 000 and 30 if over…

and who will paid for it? SG? Zynga? TT? do you know how many free stuff it would be?

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Terrible idea.

We already have to try and force people to stop at 200k. You bring in prizes for biggest hit it would be carnage.


I can see this creating alliance drama. You’re supposed to be killing the titan as a team.

Next you’ll be wanting some reward for being top war attacker too.


Hell no

No… No it would not be a good idea for the reasons previously mentioned. Especially the team aspect.

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


There’s already a special A+ loot tier that rewards the highest hitter… … …Oh wait.

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This idea has been coming up from time to time under some form or another for years now… terrible idea.