New report option for people who left or don’t use their flags in war

I have suggestion that players who left alliance during war to be not able to join another alliance for a month .

And what do you expect from it?

They could leave their flags unused anyway.

I expect that people who screw the others to be punished so they can think twice before do this again. Something can be done. Maybe new report option for people who don’t use their flags or left before or during war .

An option for e.g. a warleader to distribute unused flags during the last hour of war would be nice.

Punishments for inactivity or less loyal members wouldn’t make anything better imo. Positive solutions should always be preferred.


There is an option to report someone for spam right? And many people are punished for spam . But if they destroy a war that’s okay, that’s not a problem. Okay let’s be positive and give them rewards for this behaviour.

Let’s hope it’s still a rare occurrence that a member leaves during a war. I think it’s only happened to us once (perhaps twice) in the almost two years I’ve been with our alliance.

It’s not very nice when it happens but, in my opinion, it would have to happen often, to a lot of alliances, before something needs to be done.

Hopefully most players will use common courtesy and use all their flags before leaving.


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