New regular 4* heroes

I would like to see some new blood coming out of my training camp. Currently there are 5 red and 5 green 4* heroes, but only 4 each yellow, purple and blue. We need one more of those colors.
Red has a healer, an AoE hitter, 2 splash hitters and a sniper.
Green has 2 healers, 2 AoE hitters, and a sniper
Blue has a healer, a defense buffer, a splash hitter and a sniper. They need a 4* AoE hitter.
Yellow has 2 AoE hitters, a sniper, and the wild card. They need a 4* healer.
Purple has 2 healers, a splash hitter, and a defense buffer. They need either a sniper or an AoE hitter.

Totally agree, I would also appreciate a 5th 5* regular hero for each color


Good call. It always seemed odd to me that there are no 4* Holy healers in this game, but two Dark healers. In RPGs, healing is typically a clerical activity, while Dark is typically just the opposite. Give us a junior Vivica, please!


Good idea! A four star healer with spiritual link would ve awesome.

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Totally agree with you!

Amazingly , I had been pondering on this question , why no star 4 healer of holy heroes ?
It would be nice to have .

Instead of healer SG gave us the monkey.

True, but the original Wukong was a monk, so making him Holy has a certain logic. Wukong (monk) - Wikiwand

Yellow has Wu kong and there is no other hero like him in any other 4☆ in any colors
Thats why there is no healers in yellow!

I think you have mixed up with the inspiration , the Devs made an error, they should have call him Sun Wukong the monkey king, great sage equal to heaven, with pals Sandi & Pigsy who follow Tripitaka to fetch the scriptures from India.

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I remember this fictional character from a Japanese Serial called “Monkey Magic”, he is immortal , has 72 transformation, ride a pink cloud, magic staff, great show.

Wukong is Jet lee from that movie with Jacki Chan forbedin kingdom :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are not reguler 4☆ heros you can’t have them by traning centers … but wukong is.
Keep atlantic people away from this please!

Back to the regular 4* healers, we don’t need more healers, would like to see interesting 4*. Like shuffle the board with their special, or a Lemming heroes that suicide and take one of your opponent heroes with it.

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Now you are giving a good real gold in here.
I like this ideas. +1 @SandMan

Hero that reflect own colour tile. Ie Wukong like hero that reflect yellow tile for 6 turns when u trigger their special.

It’s really hard to create a hero that shuffles the board and can be reasonably set on either offense or defense.

We have tornado in the game, I think it’s possible for a hero special. Wilbur is a very difficult hero to figure out because his special effect up to 10 heroes. Hence the bugs, we will see bugs with him everytime they up date the game. We will see how thing will turn out in AW.

Sure, and that works great on offense. Imagine now that hero is on defense. When cast it shuffles the board. Nine times out of ten, that will harm defense (which is one reason why tornadoes are so good).

One board-manipulation idea I had, which I think would work on either side of the board, is Frostbite, cast by an Ice hero. When cast, there is a X% chance that any green tile on the board turns to blue, and also an X% chance that any green replacement tile instead is blue. On offense, your blue hero now has more blue tiles to drop, gaining more mana and doing more damage. On defense, your blue hero has converted green tiles (which are double-effective against blue) into blue ones (normal effective). Same skill, but different impact depending.

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I would be okay with any of these.