New rare quest not a quality of life improvement


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until it is addressed.

Since the last quest update, the rare quests are much worse for rewards than before. We used to get a rare ascension item at the fourth phase. Now we don’t. On the current quest there is a single rare ascension item.

Again, this made life worse in the game, not better as advertised.


I could not agree more. To have to use that many world energy points, fight through 5 levels (the last of which being impressively difficult), just to get ONE rare ascension item is ridiculous. Especially when the rare quests pop up so infrequently as it is.


Yes, I commented about this before. It’s ridiculous that ice and fire had rare quests and not the other three. It was more work to talk about releasing new quests than it was to just do them. I mean literally every ascension item from one element to the next has a 1 to 1 relationship with another item for that color. Copy, paste, write ONE LINE OF DIALOG to intro the quest and one line to finish it, and you’re done.

Irony… the nature quest… HAD NO NATURE ASCENSION ITEMS. I quit playing for a while after that, because realistically, that was just a slap in the face.

“Hey, we heard that you all wanted more rare quests for the different elements.”

We did not want a quest with all green enemies… that’s not what we meant.

But seriously, 60 energy, and a mission so hard that only a few hundred people will likely be able to finish… for one… dart.

And literally every

There is no reason for this. I mean it’s just silly. Any player strong enough to beat the level that gets a scabbard doesn’t need scabbards any more. These new quests are pointless. You’re hearing feedback, but not listening.

Make the elemental quests three tiers.Offer:

  1. a ascend past level 60 elemental item and an every element 3*, quest / chest / titan only item (like a stopwatch)
  2. a level 70 item and say a damascus blade
  3. a level 70 item (or two) and a tome.

Keep the rest, it’s completely useless for every single player that is strong enough to finish it.

60 energy, five levels, for a dart. Now I remember why I quit.


Just a quick shout out in support of this topic. I recommend sending emails to SG requesting at least a return to the old loot structure as well as spamming this thread.

Are they trying to slow down progress for the big spenders? That group is maybe 20 players at a best guess? This won’t slow them down anyway as they have many opportunities to buy ascension items. Progress in the game seems slow enough for the rest of us as it was before when we received one more rare item that you still had to have a fairly progressed team to win.

I call foul, SG, bring back at least one more rare item per rare quest.


Give the quests some time to cycle through guys, we haven’t seen too many of them yet,. but we have seen a dart as of today! A few months ago it was impossible to get a dart from those rare quests. Personally, I’m pleased to see the possibility of those very rare items being available now.


So does everyone get the same rare quest at the same time?


Rare quests spawn at the same time for everyone

Rare chests spawn at different times for different people


It’s still impossible to get Nature Ascension items, because they didn’t put them in the quest.


I had to, I just had to.


For me it’s the things I need three or four if I can’t find. Sturdy shields, trap tools, and magic orbs. I have one each and need three more each to get my yellow, purple and green four stars topped out. They are all stuck at third their level 60. I had a rare spate of luck one time where things like that were even showing up in regular chests and vision quests but not now


I got my fourth trap tool yesterday and did final ascension on Cyprian (hey, I’ll work with what I got!) :smile:

I’m at 3/4 orbs.

These ascension items are out there, they are just RARE.


As a minor clarification, I might be ok with a system that makes it really hard to get or do certain things. That is ok.

Just don’t try to sell something as a quality of life improvement when it clearly isn’t.

I am always more happy with honesty. If it was communicated that the change was designed to make ascension harder (it did), then we could have a discussion about whether or not that was a good thing for the game or not.

As it stands, I feel deceived rather than informed, which is just bad customer service and easily avoidable.


It’s not about how hard it is to get them, it’s about the Devs telling us they’re going to do something and then not doing it, seemingly deliberately, and then ignoring community outrage about it.

They heard but they did not listen.


Rook you’re a cool player. Your help in strategy is great. But I gotta, get ya for this one.

If you can’t farm / shop for an item on the map…then they are NOT out there. You’re comment is on point in regards to boots (which got dialed back) and chain mail shirts, scabbards.

But when a player has no control over being able to actively WORK for an item like when grinding the map…to say “Ascension items are out there” is very frustrating for hard working players to hear.

I got lucky with Tall Boots all of the sudden…but I would not tell another player that these are an easy find, when I know before the newest update changed things, that this was easy to get in provinces 12 and up like scabbards and chain mail shirts, for the longest time.

@Penari is correct in their complaint. Before the last update 3 star NON-farming items like the compass was at the 2nd to the final level of red, blue and green rare quests. If you couldn’t get the top prize (always a 4 star item), you were always guaranteed a compass which was needed for EVERY hero level ascend up. Now if that item pops up it is in the hardest level of these rare quests. Also these non-farming 3 star items have replaced the 4 star items people want.

To add insult to injury it used to be that purple chests always got you an epic gold coin…ALWAYS…plus a mix of the other two coins. Also you got a good collection of 4 star and 3 star ascension items, you could not find any where else! Well in my last Alliance everyone has reported that the purple chests don’t deliver anything like that anymore. I thought it was just me…nope, other top players as well.

So I guess my main point, for this drawn out rant, is it would really be awesome if players like you @Rook would just support the rest of us working hard in the game. Listen and acknowledge the issues we see. When we complain, we are actually reporting what seems to be some serious problems with game play. You maybe lucky and that’s fine, but really support the little guy…stand with the rest of the players. The latest update really screwed players and that results in poor player retention.

Alright I’m done.


My rare wanted chest just gave me an epic hero coin and two daily coins so they still deliver that at least part of the time


My comment was due to my experience (and other reports from other players) getting items either via Titan battles (raaaaarely!) or things like Mystic Vision.

I didn’t say ascension items were on the map, apart from boots, chainmail, scabbards, etc, because they’re not. But they ARE there in the game.

You have my sympathies; I want items to drop faster too, but as I said in my initial comment, they are RARE. :pensive:


Was this after the new update? A member of my Alliance reported that Tall Boots were easy to find again, (after so long) once they updated.


Tall boots are easy to find, it’s just a matter of patience, there will come a time when you don’t ever need them again, and then you’ll find yourself swimming in them.


This was literally a few minutes prior to post, so yes


I too was disappointed to see this. I could care not less about another raid flask. I have about 15 of them right now. You can only skip so many times on the raid box.