New raid tournament: Very slow

Proposing a new tournament: very slow. Like very fast all mana speeds are now very slow. This would benefit high attack and high defense heroes. This raid type Limits player reliance on special skills. More reliance on matching and board set up. Matches will also be longer as players will not be able to Kill so fast.

Just trying to diversify the game. Tired of the the same 10-15 heroes dominating the game

Everything very slow would only be an all-mono feast as tile damage would mean everything, with a high chance of Slayers’ defenses of being broken.

Having heroes charge “one/two tile faster” would be better imho.


This. It would defeat the purpose of specials to a fair degree.

A better option would be “Everyone is Average” mode to replace the current Rush format. Everyone set to average opens up the play, makes the slower characters more dangerous, weakens the faster ones, and mostly guarantees that you aren’t murdered immediately on a bad opening board.


I can get with that too

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Very slow would still be dominated by the very slow heroes. The reason they are very slow is they are OP at faster speeds. Fast heroes at very slow are very UP (under powered).

So very slow would just be rush tournaments in slow motion.

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All mono offense maybe but from a defensive standpoint a mono defensive team would be vulnerable to the counter color.

Yes. As I said defenses would most likely be composed by Slayers of Fellshadow teams.

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There are not that many very slow heroes (can’t thing of one 4*) and fewer ppl with multiple very slow heroes. So players will be force to mix it up

To your fast hero point: I agree some fast heroes may be UP. But take Scarlett- I might throw her in just for the title damage. But overall the purpose of very slow is too push players away from strict reliance to fast heroes and think of other ways to play

Probably true, slayers will be hero of choice. But I still think it could add some new strategies to the game

Just like in rush tournaments then. I just don’t think it will change things as much as you do.

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I got it!!! No special skill at all, just tile damage, passive skills, and talents!!! :laughing:

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Zero mana! That’s the ticket!

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Drafting a new post now lol

That one could actually be a lot of fun.

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It sounds boring honestly and the attack will have very high winning chance and many moves to make before defense gets charged up.

Plus, it won’t change teams compared to rush attack. still slows and very slows will be more useful.

So, pretty much everyone I know totally hates very fast tournaments.

Now, allow me to add fuel to the fire: how about very slow tournaments?

Do you think they would be more or less frustrating than very fast?

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Don’t really see the challenge, if all heroes are very slow you could easily go mono against every team and just kill all of them with tiles before anyone is able to fire at least once.


Same idea is mentioned here:

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But I agree with post above. Don’t think it’s a good idea.

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