New Raid Tournament More Fair& Fun System


Personally i was seeing this Tournament as smthng that will have bringed me back the fun of the game, i dont want to complain im still good but if no way to compete based on my skills that it annoys me , The Challenge Events R broken ,if u want to win that u should see it a bussines spending items and flask and a lot of time to got to the top when it could have been done differently and gave fun to the players ,this is a game should be fun…The same is Happ3ning here and the reason why i decided to give this suggestion is cause i like the game a lot but it should give to players Fun ! As for rolls and boards tgat great system in my opinion u could end up with 3 5* same as u could end up with 10 or more , im not a spender in this game , and till now i have done pretty good ans competed eveeywhere even with limited heros ,that was fun …


I’m thinking about the qualification phase. It should definitely exist, though it’s very easy to exploit. I have two solutions for this.

  1. allow to go through the qualification only with team at least as strong as your top 5 heroes minus 100 power. That way you can’t qualify with 1* teams when you have a good team.

  2. Give rewards for qualification. Make it like a quest with one chance to pass a stage and give some small reward for winning each stage.


Since the rewards will be included in final loot ,think no need for extra rewards , loot tier of the last guy from one arena above should be much better than the 1st guy of arena under that will not give people reaaons to try to steal loots going for weaker arenas…


The only way to make raids or wars or any game that involves playing against other players teams fair is to have the computer team use the same board in the game and not have its own rules.
Right now, if the devs wanted they just need to change the game to slaughter any team everytime just by having the AI heroes target the same hero until its dead (preferably start against the healers).

Since a few versions ago it kinda got smarter that way and seems to be targeting the weaker heroes first. Theres still some randomness in there.

Until then there will always be the rants how unfair the game is…