New Raid Tournament More Fair& Fun System

I wanted just to express my idea how it can be made like a real Tournament and not like another Summons Gate…
How to make it more fair ,more fun and more balanced the Tournament ,this is my idea :slight_smile:
Day 1 : All players have to face exact 5 teams of different powers all automated boots not real players,giving same points for a win and using a point reward system same as in wars for damaged teams.Now based on your attacks and how many points u will earn ,you will go the arena you belong .
Day 2 : After u enter on the arena u belong based on your points earned first day ,u will face the other people there all giving same points .No more war rewarding point system ,if u will win u will get the full points if u will loose u will not get any point.Everyone will be rewarded with same points for a win no matter other factors.All people will have 5 flags and all defences will have same chances to appear so 5 flags for your attack and your defence 5 times should be attacked daily.
DAY 3 & DAY 4 will just be same as like Day 2 .
Ps: Loot tiers will be separated based on your Arena and inside that loot is separated in different percentages somehow like actual loot basing on your position on your Arena.U can continue playing with gems but one arena down not anymore on same arena.Or continuing with gems should drop a considerable amount of points.

Your idea is valid.
May i suggest though that instead of diamond , gold, silver arena setup…
Instead just like monthly challenges we have 3 tiers rare,epic, legendary. You choose which to be in. You can only be in one. The rewards would be the same across all 3 tiers since they are all RNG based anyway. Each tier has the same hero restrictions as monthly challenges, PLUS the random other limitations such as missing color, no healer etc.

Now newbies can play rare and battle it out, mid range can play in epic and those with the 5*s can battle it out in legendary

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The arena will have nothing to do with diamond or silver , u fights against same all the people will face same 5 virtual teams ,the points u collect will decide the arena u belong.

I understood you idea, i was simply offering a different way of dividing up the pack

Not choosing option though u have to earn it , the system that im thinking is a real tournament and more fair in my opinion it cant be done…

What about sandbaggers? (People playing terribly to be grouped in weaker arena for easy domination)

As long as there’s something to exploit, people will exploit it.

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This game is all about cheating, it’s a sad indictment of the user base in general, people never play in the spirit of the intention and the game maker does nothing to not do it as long as the money keeps rolling in. It’s easy to work out the people doing it.

i don’t think cheating is the right word here. Manipulation or exploit of the game mechanic isn’t technically cheating. Its abusing a system with flaws.

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No cheating here ,there are some systems builded up ,tbe devs works to give us fun but sometimes not everything work as predicted , as for cheating no cheating here …As for money they gave to your the possibility to play for free so if u have more money than time than spend money if u have more time than money than soend time …me personally enjoy the game if i think that smrhng can be done better i say my opinion ,we r all humans here so everyone can make mistakes or a lot of things can be improved …

This why i mentioned different loots based on the arena u belong ,so no one will desire to be a lower aarena level ,based on my idea ,75-100% of 1 arena shoukd get much better loots than 1% of the arena thats under em

Another system you could use would be pretty close to the war matchups:

-Take a players top 10-15 heroes that are relevant to the particular weeks rules
-Assign a point value to that player
-Group with similar pointed people +/- 15%

Then it doesn’t matter what tier, cuz everyone will have the same difficulties

with that logic, that further “creates a divide between the f2p and the p2w”.

Why ? When everyone will have fair possibikities to be in on the arena that they can reach ? (Boards luck is out of this cause boards will be boards )

lol because people complain for the sake of complaining mostly

Thats the way humans r builded ,so i like the game i just want to give an idea to bring fin to another level im not here about complaining bout it …Give to ceaser what belong to ceaser is an old saying , so i must say thanks very much to the devs that gave us so much fun for all this time…

lol i’m not saying you are the complainer. I am simply playing the “jerk that wants to break things” card and finding loopholes around your suggestion to either make it better, or watch it crumble to dust.

Cheers mate :stuck_out_tongue:

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Need to fix might count before they add to the game

This is day three of the tournament, I’ve won every raid easily, not been attacked therfore scoring no points on defense and sitting at 5098 points in the 10%-25% tier. My question is how? I have won every raid. My second raid today gave me a difficulty bonus of 2…seriously…this tournament is just like the summons gate and raiding system already in place, complete garbage. I’ve completed 507 consecutive pulls in the summons gate with no HOTM and only 3 of worst 5* in the game, the rest mostly crappy 3*. I should have known small giant would take a great idea and mess it up, they must work for the government.

They don’t work for the government, they are good honest capitalists enjoying the free market, isn’t that what you want?

Yeah your right, even government workers get something right once in a while…unlike these people.

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