New raid tournament mode: random special rules

New raid tournament style: random mode. You don’t know what mode (rush, buff, no heal, etc) until match starts. It’s completely random.

This would break up the current reliance on a few heroes since you won’t know what mode to play for. Add some excitement and in game strategy to the raid tournaments

This would add more RNG to the game. Everything I’ve seen suggests more RNG is not exactly what folks want.


I agree, this kind of randomness doesn’t suit me, I prefer being able to plan and strategize to REDUCE the consequences of randomness…


What about alternating waves. Every 4 turns

1st wave undead horde
2nd wave arrows
3rd wave buff booster
4th wave field aid

People don’t like RNG when it comes to rewards and loot, but this is going to game plan. I think it’s a different situation

Bring field aid to the raid tournament :imp:

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Seems similar to tiles (random), dodge/talent/revive (random), and heroes like malicna/wu/danza (random).

All of those seem random and not about rewards/loot.


I mean it’s a game so it’s suppose to be engaging and unpredictable. Not suppose to be rigid and staged. I wouldn’t call gameplay random. That’s like calling sports random. That’s not a fair description

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But those are random aspects that many people don’t like. You are suggesting another random aspect. More randomness does not seem to be what people want.

I agree with this. I wouldn’t like your idea, but I’d live with it. But it does add more randomness to the game. And there are plenty of posts on here about randomness.

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With the suggested mode being part of a set rotation of events, this could work. But I disagree it would add strategy, as to use strategy, you at least have to have something to plan the strategy around. By bringing randomness to the mode, SG/Zynga might just as well roll a virtual dice or flip a virtual coin to determine the winner instead of having an actual battle (be it PvP or AI).

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I think the strategy would be to figure out what mixture of heroes maximizes your chances to play well in each type. Then in gameplay what color titles will you focus on given the revealed game style. Not major changes but something I think

It’s primary purpose will to undermine players playing the same defensive heroes we see in the raids nowadays. Each raid I’m playing basically the same team every round; alfrike, heimdall, treevil, north, etc

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