New Raid Tournament any correlation between team power and the difficulty bonus?

I was wonder is there a possibility to gain higher difficulty points raiding your opponents under powered vs overpowered?

No, you can’t manipulate the score once a match has been found

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Supposedly their prior performance in raids (defence) during this tournament (and your own offence record) is the deciding factor. There are differing opinions as to whether this will make it better to attack later in the day (your opponent might have won or lost, and so give more or less points).

So what about those of us who have yet to be attacked? Out of 10 matches only two were worth 300 or more. The rest I matched gave me below 300 aa couple below it’s impossible to do well.

Yea i have read through the theorys of strategy and so far nothing concrete as noone really knows the ultimate objective to gain the advantage in boosting points

I was simply looking at the idea that points are based on the amount of heros and the difficulty bonus. So say is it possible to make more points by raiding under powered vs overpowered?

It seems (and we are extrapolating from very little information) that we are getting opponents from increasingly higher team powers (in general). I think that means that the weak teams we hit yesterday are mostly going to get an “E” for the first day, but probably won’t be attacked the rest of the days. Whereas the players with better teams won’t be attacked until the third or fourth day.

The teams today were harder, but not massively. I’ve still only faced one maxed 4* in 10 raids. And alot of Un finished heroes.

Well at the current moment i see the process as the developers put this base system into play as it was tested in beta. The basic system has been set and as Anchor pointed out sometime ago it has been left up to us as players to pick apart the system expose its flaws and determine the probability for success and defeat. So at this point on day 2 of our test run there is no rhyme or reason on how the system is actually working.

I guess my basic question would i recieve more bonus difficulty points for…

It says down at the bottom how many points you get: In both cases, it is 251: 200 for winning and 51 for difficulty.

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Ok well talking to a few of my alliance members the score is altered after you raid but they have raided over powere and underpower but hadn’t noticed a difference in the increase

Not saying any one is wrong or right at this point just trying to help myself and others and gain insight and information on the event so im open to everyones ideas and experiences for information rather than just theory speculation so thankyou to every player that shares and comments on this thread

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Raw, same experience as you. Nothing you can do to increase difficulty and doesn’t matter the attack team setup…max points are max points. I haven’t been attacked yet either, so low on the leaderboard compared to other 10 raid winners that have defended off attacks and won. First week, so I imagine developers will tweak in coming weeks.

No, I’ll only receive x251 (available score) points or loose :wink:

Cool thanks for your input nar and dbot

My next question is i read somewhere earlier a player has been attacked 30+ times i may have to find it again and see if they are available to post a screen shot of the log. Considering this is a tournament and 4 losses should eliminate you from it how is it possible to be attacked that many times shouldn’t your defense team be removed from competition unless you pay the gems to remain. Ill follow up as soon as i track down the player who posted that.

If it helps:

Yesterday I faced opponents that were are all below level 19.
Today all were in the 20s.

Not enough to establish a pattern alone but anyone else?
My defense has not yet been attacked.

Only attacking raid defeats count against you

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