New raid suggestion viewed by all


Just had a mind blowing amazing thought for raids and even possibly AW’s , lol.

What if there was a win/loss percentage score beside the TP based only on how many battles that player won. When a raid team is displayed this percentage would be viewed then as well.

So you would have something like this

TP 3467 - Wins 47%

Nothing to do with what teams are used or the TP score just pure win/loss ratio.

Just a thought.


Well. This game for sure needs more statistics be available (like number of titan hits by members). But don’t know what change this percentage. In the whole it’s means nothing. And have no connection to how you will fight against defence team. So looks like it’s only good for a bragging.


How would that stat benefit the player considering an attack? Pretty much everyone at the higher levels customizes their team on a raid by raid basis. And those teams almost never look like their raid defense team. You would be comparing apples and oranges. The player’s win percentage would be highly dependent on their raid offense and a victory % stat would tell you nothing about their defense team.


Exactly and nothing more than a brag. Why is that so wrong.


Not wrong in whole. Only additional pressure for servers to get useless info while there are much better ways to use statistics (like I said number of titan attacks by alliance members for example).


Statics Statics, the devs have the statics as it would be part of there analysis of the game and they really wanted you to have then then you woukd already have them.

They have statics right down to every page you visit and how long your on that page, every hit you make and which hero at what time by which player it was made with and done by, and that’s only 2 examples of the thousands statics they would have.

Statics are easy to get and if you/we don’t have them by now we will never have them.

That’s the real world of web designing and programming so forgive me for being a bit more realistic ( politely speaking) about things by requesting/suggesting something which is for no other purpose than just bragging rights, acknowledgement of wins, show piece if you will.


It’s up to you, only said my opinion. Like you it or not. And your wins percentage always will have one flaw - this statistics of wins will never show real skill because always will be some percentage of lucky/unlucky/average boards.
And one question this wins/loses only for active playing or it will be with info how good AI plays your defence team?

P.S. and if says about realistic, then wait what others think about your idea before self-titled it as “mind blowing”.

Have a nice day


Lol, bragging rights has Nothing to do with skills, types of teams used, boards etc.

That’s the point of a bragging right it has no other meaning other than a percentage figure of how many raids you won.

Your reading more into this than what it was suggested for. That’s the beauty of it being a mind blowing idea lol.

Calm down man.