New Raid Mechanic: Enemy Ledger

Raiders like to revenge. For some, they are bound to reclaim their honor (and lost trophies). For others, it’s a nice way to pick and choose opponents. However, one complaint that I’ve heard fairly often (especially when a new update rolls out) is that sometimes you can’t revenge either due to the target being online, different app versions, or now having a raid shield up. So how can we still accommodate revenges with all these obstacles in the way?

Enter the Enemy Ledger. It’s pretty simple: when you go to raid someone (even if you get the message that you can’t raid them at that time), an option would be given to add their name to your ledger. This ledger would be able to hold maybe 10 unique players at a given time. The idea is that you’ll be able to save their names in the ledger until they’re available to raid, at which point you can choose to battle them again and cross their name off the ledger.

I can see this having many potential uses:

  • If a player has a shield up, add them to the ledger. Once their shield cooldown starts, use the ledger to let them know exactly how you feel about hiding behind a shield! :smile:
  • Different app versions preventing raids? Add them to the ledger, then wait patiently for your chance to strike…
  • Looking to raid specific types of teams or even specific players? Go on a rerolling spree and add any tempting targets to your ledger. Then, you can raid them all at once.
  • If you want to revenge a raid but can’t for some reason (maybe you’re out of raid flags or late for a doctor’s appointment or something), and you don’t want their name to fall off of your very short watchtower list, you can use the ledger to keep track of them until you have the chance to battle again.


This popped into my mind:

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I suppose the raid log and the revenge button actually serve this purpose,
The only draw back is the holding data of the log, as it is currently too limited.
One option is to increase the log data holding capacity but to what extent?.
Another option is to also removed predefined number of already revenged entry at the bottom of the log, leaving only (and always) items yet to be revenged.

But I guess if items to be revenged are more than 20 on the log, then situation of shield or version difference no longer plays, it may be the player chose not to revenge, since online players can easily be waited out.

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