New Raid Class "Alfa-Diamond"

If a new Arena tier is added, that would shift the top 100 to a much higher trophy level. So instead of making just the top 100 raidable, I’m saying make the entirety of Challenger Arena raidable.

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The SGG staff is very good, and has a lot cool things in the pipeline. A lot of programming to do…

But this one would be relative easy to contrive. A new Titanium-Alpha-Elite Raid Arena would be such a great motivator.

What about League Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron ?

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I would vote for Adamantium!

What would be the point of the higher arena? Better chest rewards? Face it, minutes after reaching it the piranha will come and eat you alive, so that seems like the only reason to create another arena. Then there is the issue of what will the increased rewards be? The rewards would have to be better, but at the same time not too good. The arena also couldn’t be too high or it will be very difficult to achieve if while you’re trying to get into the arena the piranha are taking chunks of trophies away while you’re online. I’m not against the idea, but these are things to consider. I myself would be very interested to know what the rewards would be. The one downside I see is the inability of anyone being able to retain the arena recognition for any length of time since you will be immediately, you guessed it, eaten out of new arena by those pesky piranha. :rofl:

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