New Raid Class "Alfa-Diamond"

More and more players have a very solid hero foundation. We get stronger in the game. So there are thousands of players hanging around at 2600-2750 cups.
We need a better motivator for raid. Please give us a new “Afla Diamond Class” beginning with 2700 cups.
The “Alfa Diamond Raid Chest” should have a little better loot, too.

To get into the top ten is quite easy for a lot of players but with zero motivation, because 15 minutes later you fall back to around 2600 cups. This is caused by the raid functionality, giving the attacker high percent chances to win!


also 20 characters



20 Quadrifoglios.

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“Diamond Elite”

I’d set the break at 2800. While it’s very hard to stay above 2800 trophies, strong raiders can push above that long enough to open a chest.




It seems like a good idea, right now there is no incentive to exceed the 2700 glasses, just take a lot of sticks. I can stay at 2600,2650 calm, but as soon as I pass the 2700 I can find myself with - 200 easily. So many in our alliance we manage the flags to not spend the 6 together and thus stay more stable, that says a lot of the little interest there is to have many trophies, not only is it not positive, it is even negative. This also happens for allowing simultaneous attack, but hey, that’s another issue

I don’t oppose the intro of a new raid class, but I like how they’re named after minerals that get better and better… so Alpha Diamond or Diamond Elite to me sounds bad. I’d prefer it was something like “Blue Diamond” cuz at least that’s a more rare form of diamond and would keep with the theme they went with initially

Alternatively, I would be okay if the current 2400+ tier got renamed to something else, and then the new highest tier (2800) stayed as Diamond.

When I proposed this I called it Sapphire Arena.


Unobtainium Arena (with 3000 cups entry level), and with rewards containing only :star: :star: farmable ascension items and 1-3 gems is well aligned with the spirit of the game :wink:


Diamond encrusted platinum? :slight_smile:

Unicorn poo arena :joy::joy::joy:

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Actually that can be interesting - “Rainbow Arena”. Where both defence and offence teams must only contain 5 heroes of different colors.


Yeah, last suggestion is great.

There could also be a few more halls of fame. Some fluctuative like the leader board and some a little bit more stable.


  • longest time #1 all times
  • longest time #1 one time
  • highest team power
  • roster power cup ratio
  • highest titan score
  • ranking for each arena

Einsteinium arena. And getting top 10 probably requires a flask or a couple.

Seems a bit high. I just finished raiding and landed at 2733 which is already top 100. Although I tend to not pay attention to cups so I’m sure that doesn’t help… Do people actually get top 10 without flasks or abusing revenges? It happens occasionally for me but most of the time just top 100.

This topic needs revived

Still waiting for a 2800+ chest


See also

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I like the idea. Every game goes with Bronze->Silver->Gold->Platinum->Diamond Arena…if you’re going to make another tier, a tier that’s literally going to be a blood bath, name it Challenger Arena, and everyone in it can be raided while online.

I thought you could already be raided while online once you reach top 100.

How about Titanium as the tier. Titanium is one of the strongest metals around and would be in line with strongest players.

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Only revenged outside of a suspected bug

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