New raid chest loot

I have open 2 diamond raid chests so far and I have had more loot.
2 summon tokens and 2 trainer 1* heroes but none of the sweet stuff we all need.

Any body else???

Platinum chest gave me a feather, practice sword, 3 gems and a grey token

Gold chest on my alt account gave me trap tools

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I got an orb in beta, several chests with nothing of note, then this one with an orb in the real game.



While I will give it more time to fully see if there is any difference, I am underwhelmed by the diamond loot. It seems the same.


I think the focus needs to be less on loot quality and more on loot guarantee - meaning the loot ROLLS are likely the difference (like titan loot tiers). I’ve gotten nothing from my diamond loot so far, but am tempted to drop to platinum of there’s still an ascension item roll.

It would be awesome if folks could post their loot from ALL levels so we could validate if the rolls were the difference.

Not sure if anyone has reported this yet, but raid chest loot tier is determined when you OPEN the raid chest (not when you fill it). I filled a raid chest at 2387 (platinum) trophies, then did another raid to get to 2401 (diamond) and the opened chest was Loot Tier - Diamond.


Yes - it was reported in another thread but not here. Good to get that info in here.

Underwhelmed by it. Not worth the hassle, if one does not enjoy raiding and does not care for cups

Small sample size yet. I get crap out of Titan loot tier XII more often than not, but the odds of getting something good are definitely higher. I’m assuming that there’s a similar mechanism here.

Just an observation - no crafting item in that particular platinum roll.

Good point. Titan loot has fixed slots per tier; you may not like getting two ropes instead of an orb and darts, but you’ll get two (or three, at tier IX up) ascension items for sure. No such guarantee with hero loot.

Not the old way, at least, where it was a total crapshoot. My hypothesis is that the tiers are loot rolls like the titans…but way too early to tell if a) that is true and b) if the rolls are truly RNG or better at higher levels in addition to more rolls. VERY early data says it’s RNG.

It would make no sense to set up a tiered system if the loot is the same across all tiers. Clearly the RNG is at work, but I assume that each tier has its own odds tables and, probably, more rolls (slots).

I’m curious, how often do you fill up raid chests ? I do at least one a day, sometimes two. Yesterday was the first under the new update and it was pretty good for me, but I don’t anticipate receiving quality chests all the time…

One for sure, two if the timing works out.

One gold and two platinums so far. Got a compass and gloves, both from platinum chests. Lucky I guess. :]

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Wow, again, small sample size, but why am I trying so hard to stay diamond? :slight_smile:

So the way I’ve been playing at Platinum is, get cup count up to around 2,200 ± and leave a somewhat decent defense, not too (apparently) too hard but not easy. Drop a couple (few?) hundred cups overnight then come back and fill my chest up by doing nothing other than revenges… Easy chest !!! I wonder how long I can keep this up…lol

Latest Diamond chest. Looks like a trainer and a token are always part of Diamond loot?

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