New, Raid battles for duplicate heroes idea, winner gets all

Now this is just a thought that has crossed my mind in the last couple of weeks and I been running it through my head a few times for pros and cons.

Keep in mind that this idea has no intents on changing the way raids currently work or the way the matchmaking works thus this idea has no way of targeting specific accounts, players or heroes, just as the current matchmaking doesn’t /can’t.
This idea is an addition to the current raids with the option to accept that bonus challenge with that opponent.

Now the idea;

  1. SG creates a bonus tab in the raid challenge panel with 1 empty main box in it with your défense team. It then also has 3 request panels below that.
  2. Inside this 1 box the player can place 1 duplicate hero weather it be à 3,4 or 5* hero from their roster that they can afford to lose.
  3. They also get to choose 3 heroes that they want in return.


  1. When a in raids the normal défense team is displayed with a button to view the opponents challenge. This raid opponent will have the Hero he is challenging with plus 3 hero options. Noting that this in keeping with hero star for hero star and/or hotm for hotm. So no gain or loss in star like a 3 for a 4 or 5 for a 3 etc etc.
  2. The attacker must have 1 of those 3 options to accept the challenge, that being his duplicate hero.
  3. Once accepted that battle will cost 3 raid flags to continue.

Winner gets to keep their hero but he also gets the losers hero and obviously the loser get nothing.
This can only be done with unleveled duplicate heroes of cause.

Now remember this isn’t a swap option because you don’t know who your matching up with in raids, but it may just bring far more rerolls though in looking for opponents with a challenge of a hero that may interest you.

I feel this could bring some new type of excitement to raids, their no obligation to do it as it’s each attackers choice to accept the bonus challenge otherwise they continue on with raids as normal.

Are you prepared to lose a hero?
How well do you trust your defense team to win you a new hero you are looking for?
How many rerolls are you prepared to do to find a suitable challenge?
Who would you put up to attract a challenger?

Please feel free to help amend or expand this idea but PLEASE PLEASE this is NOT and IS NOT intended to be any kind of swap or trade challenge where both sides get the other ones hero win or lose and responses to such will be either flagged or requested to be merged.

This is purely a winner gets all only feature idea to bring/add a new light to the current raids.

If you like the idea please chuck in a vote above.

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