New Quests

I was excited to see two more quests available in the quest missions. I went to the quest missions to do the Mount Umber, and it and the other quest has disappeared! What’s going on?

Expired. There was an error which expired the Mount Umbar and Craft Items II quests which ran yesterday early before their timers ran out, and started the new replacement ones.
As a result, the devs put the quests that had been shorted on time back up as additional quests until their timers expired properly, leaving the normal quests behind. There were only a few hours left on the old ones apparently.

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Yes, only three hours left on Mt Umber when I checked this morning (9? 10? am, central time)…

There was nothing that came in replace of Mount Umber and the other one. They disappeared and nothing replaced them.
It affected the members of my alliance also.

After being brought back a second time, Mt Umber should have disappeared by early afternoon (central time). Were you looking for it after that?

The quests now there are the replacements. They went up too soon and replaced Mount Umbar and the Craft Materials before their time was up, so the older quests got made available again with the remaining time they should have had before ending.

I went to it this morning, 7am est, and it was gone. Andvit never came back.

The only 2 quests that were there were the old ones: gems ll and experience.

Those are the new quests.

It was up at least three hours for me. Up longer for others:

I’m very sorry you missed it. :confused:

You can contact Game Support for assistance, but I think this is gone:

I thought since purchasing the VIP Pass, one of the perks was to always have 4 quests.
(Why would you think that Gideon, how many promises have actually come true in here? Yea, you’re right I guess. Silly me, Trix are for kids.)

Thry never mentioned bonus quests. There were for for a couple hours as two ended early and they gave the time back

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