New Quests. Aka, Story needs to get back on track

In the beginning, there was the empire. The Enemy had to be driven out of it. Season 1.

Halfway there, we got a plea for help from a land across the sea. Season 2.

Then, for some idiotic reason, season 3 takes place in an alt universe, rather than it happening across the sea, like Atlantis.

So, season 4, why is it happening with Victorian age characters, and is there any explanation to how it even begins and why?

As for new Quests, well, easy. Have Atlantis raise the alarm, because, say, the Pirate family is raiding coastal family or the samurai family. Heck, maybe even the Atlantis family.

Speaking of the Samurai family, now is your chance to show us that the girl in the red kimono survived, thanks to the medical care of the holy healer girl. (I am not good with names).

In a world where Santa Claus, Thor and Alice in Wonderland fight side-by-side against bunnies, owls, demons and seahorses… Well, I’m not sure how sensible it is to expect realistic storylines?


You need to watch South Park’s Imaginationland episode. Also, play Age of Mythology.

Season 3 at least had an explanation for it’s start. Season 4 did not.

Also, what do you say about getting new Quests?


It is ridiculous of course.

But then, I am a fan of the Supernatural TV series, and they somehow manage to tie multiple sources of lore into one bizarre and very humorous package.

They do a much better job of tying those concepts together than SG, but then… E&P is not really played for its storyline. At least, I hope nobody plays this game for that.

Sadly, I do follow the story. It’s started off as intriguing, but over time, it feels like it’s going off the rails.

Reminds me of a utterly terrible sequel to a masterpiece show I know.

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I mostly skipped through it on my first playthrough. Tried actually reading it on my second (alt account), thinking maybe I might have missed something good.

Not really, unfortunately.

All I can say is:
You know you’ve been playing Empires too much when

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I had a similar stroppy moment

My issue is I’m a massive fan of Rick and Morty and I kinda liked that analogy :joy:

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Just having seen the new circus heroes… I’m absolutely in despair for the original world that was created.

It is absolutely a multiverse now. Dump this medieval fantasy schtick and move the stronghold to some dimension shifting portal.

They might as well just crossover heroes from Puzzle Combat. Grenade launchers and miniguns are no more outlandish than cartoon animals, bootleg Disney princesses, ancient deities and sci-fi mutants…

Well there goes my hope that someday we will see more talking heads aside from the over-used and reused Elena, Richard, and Vivica.

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I am amazed to hear a moderator say such things. Nevertheless, I FULLY agree.

If it were up to me, Season 4 would be deleted, and Season 3 rewritten so that like Atlantis and the Archipelago, the Norselands are also “across the sea” from the Home Empire.

I also would thrown in the roots of certain people. For example, MANY of the Classic Ice Heroes look like they are FROM these Norselands.

The Classic Heroes NEED to be made family. The Costumes idea was stupid; especially if the result is something that looks VERY out of place. It’s the biggest reason why LoK was ■■■■■■ show, but I digress.

If anything, Season 4 should have been another journey across the sea to find a land that contains, say, an Aztec/Mayan-like culture, and/or a Zulu or some other native African culture, just to give certain Classic Fire Heroes a backstory and ancestral land.

I’m a Bard first and moderator second.

This idea of mine was left rather abandoned but you may enjoy

I haven’t written any fan fiction for months and months because this hodge-podge makes a mockery of any attempt to build a coherent environment or cultural history.

"I haven’t written any fan fiction for months and months because this hodge-podge makes a mockery of any attempt to build a coherent environment or cultural history. "

Sad that that is so true.
That’s why I said what I said with the original comment

What about an event that is an Elven get-together, with Elves of seasons 1 and 3 asking you to get rid of the Christmas elves who crashing their get-together.

I have read H.G. Well’s book, The Time machine, and never once does George Orwell ever say that the morlocks have four arms.

So what is with season 4 completely transforming H.G. Well’s creation?

P.S. Season 4 actually begins. How do the classic heroes even meet these Victorian age loons?

You certain about that?

Yes. Years ago. Read War of the Worlds too.

P.s., damn my habit of mixing my wells up.

Sorry to be so pedantic. You made some good points here.



Tis okay.
And thanks.

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