New quest type

What would people think about an ascension items quest? Not the hidden blades and tabbards etc… but rugged clothing and adventure packs and stuff for a new quest idea?

I’d second that Thanos1…there should be an alternative to farming your favorite level (mine is 8-7) every day. Also, I’m hoping the Alchemy lab will have something where I can trade in my 5,000 training manuals for packs and swords.


Too right Howling I also use that level and it becomes tedious at times! It would just add something different to the game as well probably and easy feature to add.

Great idea. Id play that

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I’d like to get awarded a bunch of 2* heroes as well… lol

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I would like it if it didn’t knock other quests out of rotation. I want my ascension mats! :wink:


Like it but as extra events NOT replacing current events.

And I also like the idea of having those 2* heros included in the rewards.

Doing single challenge events for say something like 10 pack feeders would be great.

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Definitely need some tougher quests for more experienced players. Quests for food, iron, recruits, experience, ect. Aren’t needed or worth it for more experienced players. Need quests for 5* ascension mats or something worth putting the time and world energy into.


I fully agree that most of the current Quests are

  • too simple (even a mediocre 4* team can autoplay and win all tier I quests and at least the first two stages of tier II, good 5* teams can Auto-win almost any quest apart from the last stage of the ascension mat and emblem quests)
  • not worth doing (advanced players don’t waste WE for a few thousand food/iron or some small mana pots anymore)

While we already have quests for high level ascension mats, there are currently no quests for Atlantis coins and no quests giving a substantial amount of gems (more than 3/6/9) or maybe even an epic hero token.

My proposal would be to replace beginner Quests like “find iron/food/resources/crafting Mats I / battle items I” with rare (tier III) and maybe even epic (tier IV) Quests for gems, Atlantis coins and summoning Tokens after a player has reached a certain level or is in Gold arena or higher


Find gems III

  • 4 WE - 8 gems - recommended hero strength 2400
  • 8 WE - 16 gems - recommended hero strength 2800
  • 12 WE - 28 gems - recommended hero strength 3100
  • 18 WE - 40 gems + either 3 grey or one troop token (alternating each time the event comes) - recommended hero strength 3450

Find gems IV

  • 5 WE - 15 gems - recommended hero strength 3300
  • 10 WE - 30 gems - recommended hero strength 3700
  • 15 WE - 55 gems - recommended hero strength 4000
  • 20 WE - 80 gems + either one troop token or one epic hero token(alternating each time the event comes) - recommended hero strength 4250

Recommended hero strength 4000 means similar to the last level of the seasonal events (Easter, X-mas, Hallowe’en, Sand Empire) on hard or 27/9 on hard. 4250 would be slightly tougher and would need either a really good 5* team or strong battle items like time stops so that it is challenging even for advanced players.

As for OP’s idea, I think backpacks and rugged clothes would be better than food/iron/… but only if the quest gives substantial amounts. No use to spend like 12 WE for 4 backpacks when farming Atlantis province 1 on hard already gives 3.5 adventure kits for 10 WE + other useful stuff


today i was thinking that the game needs more quests and season 2 quests which gives coins similar to gems
and i would like to add a quest as well
Training quest

  • level 1 will give 1* training hero
  • level 2 will give 2* training hero
  • level 3 will give 3* training hero

i would love to have a 4* training hero as well as it comes only a handful times a year, maybe they will do Training quest II which will have a 4* training hero, also they can add guaranteed 3* troops as well with each quest also to boost a (very tiny small) exp to high level troops

i am against this part but it can be modified with the player level or stronghold level, that after a certain point these will not appear and get replaced with higher level quests

Quests for rugged clothes / adventure kits / swords are a good idea, but like @Fakedreameater and @TomSnow I agree that quests need a more general shake-up.

Like already mentioned, quests should differ from regular farming both in terms of difficulty as well as rewards. What’s the sense if they can be auto-played by most people and the rewards are so bad that a lot decide they’re simply not worth it.

I like @TomSnow’s proposal that more advanced players (in terms of either cups or player level or best 5 or 10 or whatever heroes one has) get higher tiers of quests. I think this could be expanded to all types of quests–even find resources–so that the loot is meaningful. Find gems III and IV would of course be awesome and many players will like getting more gems, but also more food and (after the upcoming stronghold upgrade) more iron might be needed. If an advanced quest gives 200k food or iron it might become intresting for advanced players again. If instead of small healing potions time stops and whirlwinds can be gathered, find battle times becomes interesting again.

I have been thinking about something along these lines, but slightly different. To prevent @zephyr1 from merging again, I’ll post my suggestion here:

Daily challenges (not to be confused with daily quests)

● They will appear under the missions tab.
● Challenge will differ every day and you can think of things like:
• Beat 15 [specific type of monster here];
• Win 3 consecutive raids;
• Beat 50 red/blue/green/yellow/purple monsters
• Fill 3 monster chests;
• suggestions anyone?
● loot will be random and only ingredients to forge items, but in quantities of 25-50.
● players can not have more than 3 daily challenges at once.

I know this is kind of a middle ground between chests, quests and missions, but a) aren’t as easy or boring as filling monsterchests/finishing quests, and b) give people another incentive to farm/use (read: buy wink wink SG WE flasks).


They simply could expand existing quests with higher difficulties.

Instead of having 3 rounds, I’d appreciate up to ten rounds with difficulty levels up to say 4200.

This possibly could be combined with the idea of endless battles. A boss all three waves and increasing difficulty as well as loor after each. Special loot for beating all say 10 bosses.

Existing quests aren’t challenging enough. A possible defeat for say 90% of the players would make them much more interesting.

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Adding to yours would be Endless levels getting harder as you go up.
Main reward for each level could start with a rare battle item working up the a rare ascension item.
This means 1 level for each covering every rare item which would be what maybe 30 levels or more.
Make this a fortnightly event.

At least you have given chance at every rare item once a fortnight or month if need be.

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