New queen in town?

Is there a new queen in town? Global #1, 2 and 3 are tanking Telluria and they’re all off line. One of them has signed out over two hours ago and is still top 3. Also there’s three other Telluria tanks in top 10, bringing it to 6 out of 10… Thoughts? Between Telluria and Yunan, will we start seeing green tank alliances in top 100?


Telluria is probably more annoying than Yunan due to her average mana.
*It’s just a matter of time before we’re seeing more +18 Telluria than Ursena.




The tide is changing…welcomed fresh air…1 Tonic…1 damned Tonic! :wink:


Same here. So frustrating


The pleasure of waiting, it is pleasure itself…:thinking:?
Naaah :rofl:


Imagine if hero academy allowed us to retire a hero and recover 1 or more 5* ascension material?

(The idea being that said hero retired from front-line duty to go teach others at the academy)

1/1 = 1 mat
4/80 = 4 mats

The academy is leveled up in part by the retiring heroes. The higher the level, the higher your chance at a bonus item.


Life is a dream, and with dreams we can paint our life! :rofl:


By that logic aren’t we painting our paint with paint?


There are also many Toootie tanks on the leaderboard right now.

Age of the green tanks coming?


For raids maybe. (Almost) everyone can attack you in raids, even players that are clearly outmatched against you will try their luck. No doubt she’s a great tanks. Results of the first days have shown it already. Although she will become a little less effective once everyone figured out a strategy against her and got used to her - we saw the same happening to Guin, Kunchen and Ursena after a while.

However, I doubt we’ll see Telluria make an appearance at any top-level alliance war matchup where rosters are deep and game knowledge and how to deal with Telluria is well-known.
No offense to anyone else ofc!! I think she’ll be a great mid-level war tank and can throw people off. I just don’t see her superior to 25+ Guins atm. :slight_smile:


It’s more about some upcoming counter heroes than getting used to it imo.

Guin has her nightmare Sesh now with mana effect resistance. Ursl hasn’t a real couter except a good wing-play with fast snipers. Kunchen is very sturdy, but his def down can be countered easily.

It’s right that after a while there will also be better counter strategies and at least every tank dies early in approximately 1 out of 3 raids.

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I think we will see top tier alliance front green very soon. There are obviously counters to Telluria, Heim, Yunan aso. Just as it is with Guin. But the meta has made said alliances focus on purple attackers (esp with emblems). Guin might be the better tank (idk) but I think most of the top players have a better purple bench.

Why not? Same is dreaming a dream through dreams :wink:

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Instead of converting heroesor in addition to?

If instead I’d be pretty angry as recovering ascension mats almost only helps P2W/whales or players too lazy to do the quests. HA was promised to be F2p-friendly and almost every F2P (and quite a lot C2P, too) will have much more ascension than needed but too few different legendary heroes to ascend.

If in addition to converting, it would be okay, if it allows F2P/C2P to get at least a few more non vanilla heroes. Getting back ascension mats would be the P2W-part, getting more than just the same old TC20 heroes over and over again the F2P part of HA.

Remember, in contrast to Alchemy Lab, HA was promised to be F2p-friendly :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the time for my beloved red stack, yeah :slight_smile:



Early reports suggest pretty strongly that Telluria has entered the upper echelon of tanks. And that she is almost certainly the best green tank. That said, I think it’s important to keep in mind the life-cycle of a tank. Every tank will be hardest to beat immediately upon release (except Aegir) for several reasons:

  1. Not everyone has yet theorycrafted a counter strategy.
  2. Even once those theories are in place, some part of the player base will still need to assemble and implement those team(s).
  3. Those initial theories may not work or need tweaking.
  4. Heroes may be introduced later that more strongly counter the tank.

For me there were major inflection points in the game were I greatly struggled against a (at the time) premier tank and then later could beat them handily. The biggest were Kashhrek (this was pre-emblems and early-ish in my E&P days when my roster was still developing) and Guinevere.


I’ll skip using Kashhrek as an example (just briefly saying my best team against him used Sonya and Caedmon) but I think Guin is informative.

  1. Knowing I was struggling with Guinevere, I asked for help. I got an immense amount of great advice in there and it’s worth reading just for Garanwyn’s post, which may be the single most valuable post I’ve ever read on the forum. It helped me think about and understand the game so much beyond dealing with just Guinevere tanks. He also makes several other very helpful posts in the thread. I miss him.

  2. I prepared feeders for Seshat for 2-3 months in advance, realizing she had to be the lynchpin of my plan, pretty much just losing to Guin tanks in the meanwhile. Had I decided to go the mono route, I would have needed time to align my emblems accordingly.

  3. One of the changes I made after reviewing the comments in that thread and my own tracking was that Tiburtus had to go to the bench. He just wasn’t helping enough / soon enough / in the way I needed. Mitsuko also was mostly benched against Guin. Victor was later added after his acquisition in the most recent Halloween event.

  4. And, of course, many others built their purple death squads before Seshat was released. But Seshat is very much a hard counter to Guin. We don’t know what kind of heroes and effects may come out in the future, but it’s not unfathomable that a future HOTM who has a similar impact on Telluria will be released.


I would expect green tanks and Telluria in particular to become more prevalent. I definitely think it’s possible that some top alliances may experiment with green tanks for war (especially at Christmas time), but this will almost certainly not happen outside of the top. I think it was zephyr who pointed out that it just isn’t likely a non-top alliance has most / every member sporting Telluria or Heimdall or Yunan. So the rest would be left scrambling to use heroes from the Kadilen / Elkanen tier, with the inherent weaknesses they bring.

And if some decide to do this, they would probably be best served by doing it NOW, before everyone has strong anti-Telluria strategies in place. Personally I finally gave in and maxed Anzogh last month in anticipation of him being an option against her. I have also been debating if I should max Grimble but have so far held - I think I’ll re-evaluate after I have a few more fights against her.


Broke the top 100 with this team and Telly not even maxed…


Nice exactly rank :100:


One guy got global 1, just by defense with Tell as tank. 3171 cups after 2 hours offline! So she’s seems very good.

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