New pvp gamemode: Siege

We can raid enemy fortress and get some resources out of them, I think everyone could enjoy a more elaborated game mode Here is my proposal, I´ll call it Siege.

In a raid you have to fight 5 vs 5 in 1 match: I suggest facing the opponent in 3 stages getting rewarded after each victory, Not the resources of the keep.

As defender you have to create 3 teams of 5 heroes (rainbow) only your frontline 1st team will be shown to the attacker, but the others will be secret. The TP of the hidden teams can´t be 200 points stronger than the 1st team (to avoid traps)

As attacker you can carry 10 heroes: You assemble a team to face the 1st challenge, if you lose the 5 remaining heroes will charge in a new match (just like in AW) If you win, you will know the next team and you will be able to form a new team (the damaged heroes won´t regain health after the battle and the max health they have will be the amount they had after the match)

About fleeing the match: If you flee the heroes won´t be available the rest of the fight.

What do you think? Would you change something?
Each enemy gives you loot, each level gives loot aswell.

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