New Public Discord Recruiting Server

We grew tired of the nightmare trying to recruit on global chat and after hearing whispers of “elite” recruiting channels we figured we would start a public server and organize it so it is easy to find alliance or players you are looking for. We also included merc and alliance merger categories. Come join so we can make recruiting hassle free for everyone!


I have a discord account but I’m still a little hazy on how I join yours. What do I need to do?

Should be able to click discord link on post and be brought right to the channel. It worked for me when I tested it, if not add me CuckingFunt #1076 and I’ll get you added to it

I did join but now that I’ve seen your user name I’m concerned that it’s not the right place for me to advertise.

Ok, no hard feelings

Is this mean 50% of your alliance will participating and the other 50% watching ?