New promotion War Generals and ability to Assigning or Highlighting targets

It would be nice if leads had the option of giving a war general promotion to ppl in their alliance. When the lead chooses to promote someone from elder they would be given three options 1. Co lead 2 war general 3 both. I know some will say if they are promoting to co they should just be a war general but not every leader of every alliance promotes ppl to co lead for the same reason. The war general would not have the option to kick members it would basicly be a position between elder and co. Meaning cos can still demote back to just an elder or kick. Now the war general would be given responsibility to assign (suggest) targets to ppl in the alliance. With a button added to their alliance members (pardon the lame lables)

once you hit the assign target button you can scan the field for a good target and when you find one you would like them to hit you just hit the assign button and the target would be highlighted and labled assigned for said member like it does reserved for 1 min if they choose to hit someone else the target is unassigned for others to hit. I know I’m asked a lot anyone you want me to hit and some ppl just don’t understand the grid system. And obviously leads would automatically be war generals

Let Leader n Co-leader Able Highlight War Opponent

I like make a suggestion that both leader and co-leader during War able to Do Colouring Highlighting of individual war opponents! In so he can tell us to attack Coloured Highlighted Opponents likewise do a another Coloured war opponent for instructions for other options.

Any additional suggestions/input is welcome.

It’s no secret that during alliance wars alliances select targets to hit at the start of war. My proposal is this, could we have a tick box on enemy defence teams to show that leadership has selected these teams to be killed. Using grids then posting target lists is kind of annoying. If using enemy names it can prove even more difficult when up against a Russian or Arabic alliance. A simple tick box on a defence shouldn’t be hard to create and I’m sure will help alot of us out.


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