New promotion system & names

Some alliances have more than 2 years.

I think the names member, ancient, co-leader and leader is a bit obsolete.

Let give more names for those who has a specific role in the ally, or just for fun.

Leader (same role)
Co-leader list
Leader in the shadows the hand of the leader :wink:
Leader Chamberlain for those who takes care of the ally when the leader is off.
The council for those who count or list flags used in wars and titans.

The ancient list
High command very important persona.
Lieutenant the person who helps always to everybody.
Loyal soldier a common ancient.

Also for specific roles.
Titan slayer the titan high scorer.
Top raider always needs more cups.
Summoner for the lucky ones in summoning.
** Intelligence officer** for those who brings news of the games.

Member list
Elder we trust in that person.
Member the title when you enter in an alliance.
Voyager he/she will travel to another alliance soon if his/her behaviour doesnt change.

With regards to alliances, I would also like to see the leader and co-leaders gave the chance during matching to remove players from war, especially since some people won’t respond to requests to opt-out. I hate having to kick people, especially if you’ve put time into helping them grow. This also allows alliances to ensure that you minimize the number of flags left unused.

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