New Profile Pics

I would like to be able to change my player profile picture and choose from the warriors I own, which are not shown from the limited choices we have now.:star_struck:


There’s more incoming, we just don’t know when yet :smiley:


They offer special ones in events and things; unfortunately, it is mostly male avatars. Take the last event for example there were 4 or 5 avatars you could win. 3 or four were male. The only female avatar that you could win was by becoming #1 in the intermediate. Even the “gender neutral” has a masculine look and feel to them. It is kinda sad how one sided the avatars feel to me.

Yes and not all of us can get thru the levels and win the avatars.

I won an avatar on the raids but it’s male I’m female it does me no good because I won’t use it and next one coming up is male again. Please give us a choice on a male or female when we win according to our chosen gender status on Facebook.

Just FYI, the third raid mission avatar, for 125 wins at platinum tier, is Domitia, a female purple 5*.


Awsome but for the Easter competition both avatars we win are male give us the option to choose a male or female I’m a girl and would never use a male avatar:(

You don’t like the cute little Wabbits?

Fine… Just be patient then. More are being added as we go along. Even if some are harder to get than others.

I love the idea that we can go to the giftshop to buy profile pics!!! Is there anyway we can go directly to the heroes we already own and buy a profile pic from there? Or make it part of the monthly vip program that u can change into ur heroes as an incentive. Im at lvl 20 and not much i look forward to anymore :frowning:

Or buy a hero from which you already have a profile pic :rofl: My Profile pic is Lianna