New Power Suggestions?

Had a thought for a new Special (so far as I know there isn’t one that does this, but my knowledge is faaaar from encyclopedic):

Works basically like Perfect Riposte, in that it reflects power back at the attacker, but instead of reflecting directly back at the attacker, it hits someone else on the attacker’s team, and (as it levels up) has a diminishing chance of hitting someone on the defender’s team.

new specials are always fun, i think there will be some nice ideas in this topic

I like this idea
Maybe ricochet will have 50% to riposte attacker debuff like -def

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How about Prismatic Protection, lasts 5 turns and gives the caster total protection from a random color each turn (blue first, yellow second turn, green third turn, etc.) and renders the caster colorless?

Mana Vise could do X damage to all enemies for the amount of mana they gain for a few turns…

Sin of Ommission could punish any team that doesn’t have rainbow representation, maybe beat up on color stackers.

How about Hollywood Squares- but for kids. Gary Coleman could host…


I’d love to see a chameleon type hero added who can steal an enemies special.

So, as soon as this chameleon fires he will fire off one of the enemies specials, with the special fired being completely at random so if you’re facing a team of Alby, Hel, Guinevere, Proteus, Azlar you have no way of knowing when you fire which one of those enemies specials he will copy.


Maybe if it does reflect back to the attacker, it debuffs them. Otherwise, it just does damage.

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How about a power that affects the board, something like this for a Red hero:

“All Red heroes gain 15% attack power. Turn all Green shields to Red shields.”

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But how would that work if the character were defense in a raid?

BTW, one thing I’d like to see in Spirit Link is - since damage is shared - healing also be shared (though I guess most healers already buff the entire group). Eh.

This could also really unbalance Titan sessions.

Hmm, maybe add a become immune to damage for the rest of the turn?

Dodge tile damage for x turns.