New PoV rewards options in bundles for our inventory

This is just a thought my misses had and figured why not throw it out there.

As the last PoV had the Food and Iron Bundles.

Wouldn’t it be great to have recruit and or 1/2 star feeders bundles as new rewards which could be stored in our inventory also.

I mean personally I’d love to be able to store these types of rewards away for a rainy day.

I like the feeder heros idea. I always have tons of recruits, so this piece wouldn’t do anything for me. Nice out of the box thinking.

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Yea me to by the 1000’s but my misses wanted in there as she hasn’t, so there it is, lol. Gotta keep the little woman happy :wink:

You are a smart man! As the saying goes “Happy wife, happy life”. :smile:

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