New playing modes?

I don’t know about you guys, but playing the same things over and over again just isn’t that fun any more. Honestly, the things that SGG have been coming up with hasn’t really made things any better, like NT.

I’ve got some ideas that could be fun, or at least break the monotony of grinding maps or quests, titans, raids or wars.

Idea 1: Infinite rounds

  • Basically non-stop rounds of increasingly harder enemies.
  • No health/mana recharge at the end of the round - have to be good at health and mana management.
  • Maybe allow for some battle item reloads (at certain rounds).
  • Each round would take some world energy (say 1, 2, 3, etc.). But you pay after you lose, and you can’t advance if you can’t “ante up” the WE (say you’re at round 3, but you only have 9 WE, you can’t go to round 4 (1+2+3+4) unless you fill up).
  • Every 5 (or whatever number) rounds, the WE debt resets (so say 5 rounds, first 5 rounds = 15 WE required, finish round 5, even if you lose round 6, it would only cost you 6 WE).
  • When you finally lose, you get the accumulated loot of all the rounds you’ve won.
  • Enemies could be themed, so you could be fighting S1 mobs, S2 heroes, or even full-out boss battles from the get-go!
  • Have top score every week (as to how far people got) and give prizes based on ranking.

Idea 2: Maze battle

  • Have a grid of 10 x 10 (or whatever size).
  • Player starts at one square (free square).
  • Player has to find their way out of the maze - so certain squares may not be accessible.
  • Each time the player picks an unexplored square, it turns into a battle, say basic 2 + 1 rounds.
  • Each square has a cost, maybe fixed - so finding the best path is the cheapest way in terms of WE.
  • If the square gets you closer to the exit, you get better loot. Otherwise, usual crappy loot like from maps. Use as an indicator to find the path out.
  • Randomly, a square could turn into an elite battle, loot is correspondingly better. Will only happen on good squares (closer to exit).
  • Find your way out and win the prize (maybe something like 2x or 3x the usual event loot).
  • Would be a replacement for one of the usual quests.

Idea 3: Blind battle

  • Just like how it sounds - you can’t see the enemies!
  • You see only a health bar, no counter, no mana bar for elites - so you don’t know which enemy position fired the special.
  • You still know if you killed an enemy, but not what the enemy is.

Idea 4: Switcharoo

  • Pick your heroes as usual.
  • When the game starts, the specials (including all immunity) for all the heroes are randomly switched around.
  • Color, basic stats and emblem powers stay put.
  • So your Telluria? Ooops, now it has the power of Athena instead! And green tiles will charge that instead of Telluria’s original power!
  • Obviously, this doesn’t change much for people who play mono - but the switcharoo could be devious and be switching colors instead! So those linked specials? No good any more, since they don’t match the color of your hero any more!

Idea 5: Shared board battle

  • Both sides have to charge up their mana and deal damage through the board.
  • The board is shared - you can affect the other side, just like they can affect you.
  • Each side takes turns.
  • The game becomes very strategic - one bad move could let the other side chain combos.
  • Shuffling the board could be very dangerous… or very beneficial.

Idea 6: Story mode with alternate branches

  • Season map, like what we have now.
  • Add branches, so maybe at Season s, Province p, Stage n, there is a new path that has an additional set of battles, maybe a little easier, that gets you to Stage n+2. In this case, trade WE for a little easier progress. In terms of completion, only the “main” branch stages count, so something like season 3, where you need to beat the hard stages in order, this doesn’t count. So you will be stuck at n until you complete Stage n+1.
  • Or maybe have two branches of equal difficulty, but each branch has a different style - so maybe one branch is full of status/debuffing type battles, and the other has harder hitting monsters and bosses (+% on damage). For these, lock the other branch once a player chooses. In terms of completion, the other branch doesn’t exist, you only complete one of the two branches.

Idea 7: Province “helpers”

  • Only in story mode, but as you progress through the story, pick up the heroes that are shown in the story.
  • They can’t be used in the team, but have something on the board that can activate them, or maybe they can be activated a certain number of times per province, like a battle item.
  • Their effects should be related to the actual hero’s power, but maybe stronger, or maybe only one of the effects in their specials (like if the hero has healing and +% defense, only do +% defense, but higher than what they’d normally give).

Again, this is just spit-ballin’, so feel free to tear my ideas to shreds. Or better yet, provide some of your own ideas!

Heck, maybe one of these days, SGG will use something from this thread!

Edit: Added ideas 5 through 7.


Someone has been very creative. I especially like the maze idea. I hoe SG reads

The maze would be a great addition. Something creative like that is more interesting than say ninja tower which is just like the other quests. You go one direction or you go no where. Mare choices, more unknowns make it far more challenging

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Would love to have people pile on their ideas here. Some constructive ideas or criticism would be different from all the other gripe threads. :slight_smile:

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