New players of Empires and Puzzles, don’t spend any money

Although I was disappointed with some of my purchases in this game, I can’t agree with you.

First of all, false expectations lead to disappointments. So, think and read before you buy. Yes, it is a common place to complain about 10x draws for gems. Just be aware about it.

Secondly, VIP access with a second builder is a very nice feature to use, as well as flash offers with rare ascension items. Not all of them, but you can choose.

In addition to that you play this game for free, but developers work full time supporting and improving the game you enjoy. So, consider this a donation to express your attitude to the game and ability to say “Thank you” to developers and “keep up good work”. :wink:


You walk out of a concert or movie with nothing but memories and, hopefully, enjoyment. You walk out of a casino entertained but, likely, poorer. SG is providing entertainment. Those of us who are entertained are happy to send them money in return.

Spending gems gives random results. There are ways to spend them that give good return, or horrible returns.

In my experience:

Good odds:

  • continuing the last or next-to-last stage of a rare quest or final stage of intermediate or advanced challenge events, IF you had a great run but are still just a few hits from winning. For 75 gems, you’ll get rare ascension item(s).
  • accelerating Monster Wanted chest

Poor but acceptable odds:

  • event and elemental summons
  • troop summons (actually, odds are horrific, but this is literally the only way to get 4* troops)
  • Trainer Tools

Wasteful spending:

  • Ascension Packs and everything else in the shop
  • accelerating buildings
  • accelerating training

Zeline, Marjana & Hel don’t count…

I wish I could have them. #keepdreaming
I have hawkmoon, Sonya and Skittleskull :wink:

If you cant beat your last stage you have to play old story stages everytime. It is a bad way of this game to find an easy stage and playing continuously without getting bored. Other alternative is losing your energy :slight_smile:

If you want entertainment, you have to play this game as only a puzzle game. I paid for this game and had 4 star heroes, but losing to many weaker players with 1&2 star heroes because of puzzle

If your 4* are consistently losing to 1 or 2* heroes, that isn’t the fault of the puzzle. That’s you not understanding how to stack specials, set up combos on the board, ghost tiles to charge mana, and use items.


I can prepare a few videos for my gameplay but i am sure you will agree with me: the cause is only puzzle. I played many games like this and i am good at these games. And you can’t use items at PVP

Show me your defense team, and your attacking team

This is my 10th day on game

Yes, you can’t. That’s why it is important to have a healer in your raid team.

You have a good set of heroes, but you need to level them up before expecting good results. So far you can conquer provinces and ascend your team.

Would you like to see squads that i lost because of puzzle :smile:

Switch the positions of Tibertus and Friar Tuck, for starters. Tuck is your most fragile hero, and you have him front and center like a tank, where he can get obliterated. Use either Tibs or Gormek as your central hero, with Bane on the left flank, Tuck on the far left, and Karil on the far right.


But he must be Between 2 heroes because he can only heal 2 heroes near and my problem is not my squad :slight_smile:

Yes, if you can show it. :slight_smile:

No, your problem is your gameplay. Tuck can’t heal anyone if he is dead. Arrange them Bane, Tuck, Tiburtus/Gormek, Gormek/Tiburtus, Karil. Use their special attacks to take out one opponent at a time, then use the open space to send tiles through to charge your specials again without charging theirs.


But you told me something important, center is tank!

:smile: so thank you
I didnt think this

Unlevelled 3/4 :star: heroes are not that stronger than maxed 2 :star: ones.

For your raid level Id say to switch position between Bane/Tiburtus and Friar Tuck/Gormek (respect at the pic on post 21) and trying to bring specials and level to max as first thing to do.

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But i losed to not maxed 2 star heroes many times so i call it “losing puzzle” but you can’t see it.

It is true for a defense team. When you attack it doesn’t work.


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