New players matchmaking

First of all I apologize if this is a recurrent topic, but after looking for something similar I haven´t found anything.

The main topic nowadays is the Vela and Telluria stuff. But those who play in high ranks may have forgotten how deceiving can be the first steps in this game.

I recently created a new smurf account and in the run for filling the raid chest I have meet this kind of rivals:

With the food struggle at low levels and the expense of skipping matches this may be a huge discourage for new players who probably don´t even know the basics.

What do you think?

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Raid matching is based on trophies, you can get enemies with -/+300 trophies from your current amount (except for ravenges)

TP doesn’t matter


As Radar1 above mentions about TP. Even at higher trophy counts there are still some ‘odd’ matchups; you can get a high TP player who got hit by really bad boards and end up with a trophy count far lower than one would expect.

By the looks of things these players also pulled some of the higher * characters and started using them, as the temptation is.

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