New player trying to understand how to read a hero card

Hi guys, sorry if this is a very newbie question but I honestly couldn’t figure it out. I don’t really know how to ask my question so I attached an image to aid. I refer to [1], [2],…, [5] in my questions below:

  • What does [1] mean exactly during normal (map) gameplay? How does it relate to [5]? Can someone give an example in numbers (e.g. if Kelile attacks X whose power is as such, then X will lose Y power)?
  • What is [4], I think it changes from time to time, how does it affect the game, and should I shuffle between heroes (or should I defer from using heroes whose XP is small)?
  • How does the [4] “582” relates to [2] “440” and [3] 600, which number matters to decide whether a hero can stand more hits than another?

THANKKSS in advance.


Okay, let’s take your numbers in order.

  1. Attack. This is what determines how much damage your hero will do when you attack. The higher the better.
  2. Defense. This is what determines how well your hero resists damage. The higher the better.
  3. Health. This is what determines how much damage your hero can sustain.
  4. Experience. This is how close your hero is to leveling up. It doesn’t have any effects in combat. It will go up as you feed lower star heroes. When you reach the amount needed to level up, your Attack, Defense, and Health will go up.
  5. Special attack. This is your hero’s special ability. In this case, the 300% means that a hit with this attack will inflict 300% of the damage a normal hit would, which is based primarily on your attack stat (1) and your opponent’s defense stat (2).

Your special ability will improve as your hero levels up, and as your special ability improves. You can improve special abilities by leveling your hero up and by ascending them.


1 is the power of the tile damages normal hits.
5 is the special attack of the hero.
Nothing related. But you should notice that there is colors that weaker or stronger than the xards colors:
Red > Green … Green > Blue …etc
So a red hero can hit hard a green one but hit lower on blue one.