New player, Team Building Help Required Please

Hi guys. I’m a fairly new player and recently pulled some new heroes. From the heroes above I please need some help on who to focus on leveling first. I also need help for an offensive raid team and a team that will help me advance through season one.

Really appreciate the help, LOVE this game :slight_smile:

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Hi @Adalric, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I suggest you to focus on the most crucial parts of the game first:

Long story short, you should empower the heroes that would allows you to collect all of the rare materials and emblems you could.

Here below there is an example of the most useful heroes you could empower:

And here the heroes that could let you complete class trials to empower your heroes with emblems:

There are many hard season 1 provinces for a new player but this doesn’t mean that it would be more profitable to advance trough it at any cost. Many remunerative provinces are the ones wih 3 flags cost, the easier ones to beat (province 8.7, 7.4 for example).


My two cents -

  1. as great as your 5 stars are - the amount of resources and mats needed to ascend them are going to delay your progress for a long time - id go with 3 or 4 stars first
  2. gormek to 3/60 will be helpful - ramming pulverizer is helpful even in late stages of the game
  3. Kiril’s special will also be great as a 4 star healer
  4. others may disagree, but I found li xiu to be a great hero for a long time - the mana cut for all enemies especially helpful on bosses. Another option is kailani (sp?) - the shared damage fired at the same time as brienne got me through almost all of season 1
  5. for purple heroes, tyrum was helpful in a lot of ways, given the debuff all. But most any of the 4 star purples will be better for you
  6. for green heroes - skittles isn’t bad, and Kashhrek is a common tank in middle tier raiding, but he’s not that helpful in other roles. You might go mneusses - helpful special for a 3 star

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the input, really appreciate it.

This is good advice for any new player. Great share …

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