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Best 3* heroes?

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Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good! Renfeld, Graymane, and Prisca are some of the worst 3-stars in the game. Don’t worry about eating them. Worry about it if you end up leveling them!

To your original question, I’m a fan of having a solid 3-star team before working on your 4-stars. Part of that is, as F2P, it was necessary for me, but with a good 3-star team, you can always compete in rare tier challenge events (which happen monthly) and 3-star raid tournaments (like the current one) to get loot. And loot is almost always a good thing. If you’re in an alliance, it’s also a quicker way to build your bench for war. It will take you a LONG time to get 30 4-star heroes for a bench. Finally, building a 3-star bench first gives you the chance to pull a few more 4-stars in the meantime and maybe make a better decision who to level for that team.

Eventually, I’d even recommend getting a double rainbow of 3-stars so you can always sub out the reflected color in challenge events for another hero of the strong color. But with your limited hero capacity, one rainbow team of 3’s and one rainbow team of 4’s should probably be your priority now.

So, in terms of who to prioritize for your first rainbow 3-star team, I like:

  • Valen (almost consensus best 3-star blue in the game)
  • Bane
  • Tyrum
  • Hawkmoon
  • Brienne

My choices for a 4-star rainbow, based on your current heroes, would be:

  • Guardian Jackal
  • Grimm (love me some Grimm)
  • Melendor
  • Cyprian (although this is one where you might pull a better option in the meantime; hope for Rigard)
  • Gormek (but a case to be made for Scarlett)

I will probably get a lot of flack for taking Gormek over Scarlett, but if you go with those I listed above, you’ve got a lot of “squishy” (easy to kill) heroes, and Scarlett is another one. Gormek, on the other hand, has a ton of HP, and he can serve as your raid team tank (middle position). Cyprian would also be a good tank at your level, though, so there is that. You could run Gormek on Cyp’s flank. Just so much squishy with Scarlett. Anyway, as I say, you might pull better options while leveling your 3-stars if you go that route.

Don’t hesitate to come back here often and check progress. I wish I had when I was where you are. I am not, and never will be, one of those with lots of top heroes who can help you figure out how to stay in the diamond tier on raids, but I like to think I can help newer players develop their teams early, so if you ever want me to take a look-see at something, just @ mention me.


yes, you were wise and started a new topic for your “troubles”, my post, were in a big topic:

Like you see, my roster isn’t quite good as yours and you get in trouble in ascension materials, so I suggest, you can choose, wether you start to leveling 3 or 4 stars, but 4 stars only to 3/60, then you need rare ascension materials to last tier. My opinion, first 3* because its quicker.

Its cheaper and faster to raise 3* to 3/50 (maxed out) than 4* to 3/60 (waiting ascension materials to last tier)

I think you have found the post which gave you as much recruits, wooden swords and pack pacs to get feeding material to you heroes?

Thanks for all the knowledge, I SS’d it for easy retreival. I did expand my hero capacity and ascended Valen so while I didn’t start best foot forward I am currently on the right track anyway.


Does the Level affect the loot table? For example do rare drops happen more often at higher levels?

@Noble_Weasel I rolled some more hero’s and I was wondering if you could take a look? Any advice regarding talent best practices would also be appreciated. Also at what point does it make sense to try to get into an active Alliance? Thanks in advance

I mean this as nicely as possible, but my best advice is to stop pulling for big heroes and level what you’ve got. You’ve got a ton of choices here, but you need to make wise use of rare ascension materials. Time to settle down and decide who fits your play style best.

Again, I’d advise getting at least one rainbow three-star team (maybe two) maxed. I know you have some good four- and five-star options, but a solid three-star rainbow team or two a) will let you complete rare tier challenge events; b) will be helpful in some raid tournaments; c) builds your bench for alliance war; d) gives you quick diversity for class quests, e) gives you color stacking possibilities, especially against titans, and f) is cheaper and faster to build than a rainbow four-star team. These reasons will be relevant to you for a long time, even after you start working on four- and five-stars. While play style is important, there is some commonly accepted wisdom about the best three-stars (and the worst). I’d suggest the following for your first/second rainbow three-star team:

  • Valen/Gato or Ulmer (play style choice; eventually, I’d probably do all three)
  • Bane (done)/Melia (these are pretty clear cut
  • Balthazar/Tyrum, Chochin, or Gill-ra (can’t advise here, as I only have Tyrum. Be aware that Gill-ra is the only three star cleanser, but his/her/its special does no direct damage, so again, play style. Might do three or all four of these, as they all bring something to the table)
  • Brienne/Belith or Mnesseus (again, probably all three eventually, but Belith is a better healer than Hawkmoon and should take priority)
  • Hawkmoon (done)/Namahage or Wabbit (again, play style choice. Most people like Wabbit, but I prefer Namahage personally. Wouldn’t hurt to do both and see what you think)

When you get to four-stars, you start to get into player priorities. Want to hold onto cups from raids? Kashrek is a tank that will serve you well for a long time. But his tile damage is weak, and he only heals three, so Melendor might be your preference, since he hits harder, heals all, and dispels. Rigard is the only four-star cleanser, and among several excellent four-star purple choices, I’d recommend he take priority. For red, lots of folks like Wilbur for titans, offensive raids, and world levels, but not for your defense team, so if cups are your priority, someone like Boldtusk or Gormek might make more sense. In blue, Grimm is a glass cannon (but what a cannon!) while Kiril is a nice healer/buffer. I would either do Gormek and Kiril or Grimm and Boldtusk, but not Kiril and Boldtusk or Gormek and Grimm, because those would be redundant. You see how so much of this has to be dictated by play style and who you want to use together?

That’s why I’d suggest you finish your first rainbow 3-star team and probably go ahead and build a second one. That will give you the time and experience to figure out what is important to you. Then, come back with those priorities in-hand and I and others can advise you better. Since your question about alliances implies that you aren’t part of one or aren’t part of an active one, you don’t even know how much you value titan damage or war depth yet, so join an alliance ASAP to get a feel for those. Hope this helps.


@Noble_Weasel is right. Stop summoning! You have enough heroes to keep you busy for a year already.

  1. Build 2 or 3 3* teams and get used to using them. Learn how the specials work together and how to time and target them. Then do the same thing with 4* teams. Then, and only then, start working on 5* heroes.
  2. Get into a good, active teaching alliance as soon as you can. Not only will that open up opportunities for war and titan loot, it will also give you access to people who can help you get the most out of your heroes.

Here’s a link to a thread with lots of teaching alliances:


Since everybody was so helpful I thought a quick update was in order. I finished my second 3* rainbow team and TC level 12 is under construction. I am in an Alliance but sometimes we struggle to drop 5 star titans which is fine since I don’t meet the requirements for the higher level Alliances anyway. Currently I am trying to decide if I want to level up a third rainbow team while I continue to gather ascention materials or pull the trigger on the 4*s and hope the missing mats fall in my lap.

Update to the update - Joined Guardians Academy


You do have a lots of heroes to work on!!!.
What i am doing right now is running 2 tc 11, 1 with only 12 trainees per days, that will give you 12 heroes at 1 or 2 stars every day, the other i put all the others recruits in for another
12 and take out what i need to put in the last tc , tc 2 is good for 2*, tc 3 is for 1* very fast ( 2 mn. Each) to use up swords, backpacks as available in order to maximize the # of "feeders " and a lot of farming, opening the map, quests.
You can generate 35 or more 1 and 2* to expedite the levelling of all them heroes.
It is going to take some time, you really have a lot of very good 4*.
2 teams of 3*(no duplicates) + 2 healers should be enough in my opinion.
Have fun.

Why the plus two healers if you don’t mind me asking?

I would first level the following 3* team;
From left to right,
Bane, Hawkmoon, Brienne, Gunnar, Balthazar.
That’s a good 3* team right there.

Just in case, you need 3* triple stack.
Missing 2 colors means there will be a need for some heavy healing.
Having 10 top 3* all different allow to go if you feel confident without a healer, if not, pick whichever is appropriate.( red,Hawkmoon, green Belith, not a fan of Fr Tuck but an option)
I like to have a least 1 healer at all time.
The same with goes for 4* as they being levelled, and you’re trying then out, they still are pretty weak, and healing is necessary.
During events where only 3 stars are allowed.double stack on green/ red.
And probably more reasons but can’t think of more right now.
Have fun.


Thx Wolf
20 Characters

I just got Brienne today so never had a chance to try her, my question is why as tank isn’t Gunnar more appropriate?
Have fun.

He might be. I’m not that familiar with 3* to be honest. My team up until niw has mainly been 4 & 5*'s.

I just know from reading on forum that brienne and gunnar/kailini is a killer combo.

Slow mana speed

It is, but Spirit Link is slow mana speed unlike Wonderful Feast or Icy Resilience, so often better options even among Classic 3* heroes.

At least Gunnar makes a good last man standing hero ( anchor) since his defense stat is so high ( 3* 3.50 same as Grimm 4* 4.70 but Grimm also a glass cannon).

Kailani is hampered by her stats and Bane being so good ( I had 3x Bane for war, events and quests ).

Building a Roster

I agree.

Still getting used to Atlantis 3* heroes.

Heroes I like

Tyrum Balthazar
Bane Melia
Valen Gato
Belith Belith (the 2nd) Mnesseus Brienne
Hawkmoon Namahage

Normally I like 3x Bane because he is such a good 3* hero. 2x Belith and 2x Hawkmoon because it is very handy to run two healers of different colors. But reflect green and reflect red events do not give you that option with 3* heroes.


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[Raw Data] Strongest heroes with farmable ascension materials 3*, 4*, or 5* [Analysis, Math]


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After you have 10 of 3* levelled you’ll get faster results by levelling a team of 4*. You can get them to 3/1 faster than you can get 3* to 3/50. And it’s gravy after that. But you might also advance a 3* in a class needed for a class quest that you have problems doing the second stage, if you don’t have a desirable 4* in that class. But only if it’s a desirable 3*, not one of the janky ones like Prisca or Isshtak.

An update and a question. I have finished three 3* teams and two 4 * teams. If i had more mats I would begin on a 5 * but I dont so I am going to level one more 4* and probably another 3*. My question is which red (Lancelot or Sumitomo) and which yellow (Chao,Hu or Danza) fits best with the rest of the team?

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Excellent! So glad you found this advice helpful. Sounds like you’ve found your footing in the game. I wish I could give you advice here, but I don’t have most of these heroes. The only one I have leveled is Danza. He can be devastating. I used him to defeat Ursena on hard, and I still use him regularly in rogue class trials, buff booster tournaments, and alliance wars. He was also my tank until I leveled Poseidon and Boril. Have him emblemed to +11, and he continues to get my rogue emblems until I get Domitia leveled, which will be a while. So consider this a general endorsement of Danza rather than a specific recommendation for your case.

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