New player, please advice on my heroes

I’m only level 13 and stronghold level is 7. Please give me some advice om my team set up, which ones should focus on levelling first and any other advice will be greatly appreciated!!! :grinning:

Welcome to E&P! I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do.

You have an excellent start with Rigard in your deck. He is one of the best healers in the game, certainly at the 4* level. Even at 3/60 he will be a big help keeping your team alive. Give him you purple feeders.

Bane is a great 3* yellow. Max him with your yellow feeders.

I would shift your red development from Jahangir to Namahage. A better quality hero in several dimensions.

Blue is a toss-up, but since you’ve got some levels unde Ulmer already, I’d finish him then work on Gato.

Green is your weak suit. Give Brogan your green feeders while you wait for something better. I wouldn’t recommend leveling any other 2*, but since you’ve made a start with Brogan and don’t have any other green option…

As you might have gathered, I’m a big fan of matched-color training. This not only doubles the odds of boosting the hero’s Special, but also gives a 20% experience bonus.

Work towards getting a training camp to level 13, then to 20. These levels start throwing off 3*, 4* and 5* (for TC20) heroes without spending gems.


Wow, thank you so much for your quick response!!
So, you are saying switch Janghir to Namahage from now on? Do I feed my Janghir to Namahage or keep him for now? Do I feed Oberon to Rigard?
Also, it’s better to use Brogan instead of doubling color of 3* heroes?

Keep all your heroes 3* and 4* for now, you will use them in wars for sure and eventually you will level some if you don’t have any other better hero to work on later.

General thoughts and notes on keeping heroes.

Hang on to at least one of every 3* or higher hero for now. Why?

  • You’ll need at least 30 heroes for alliance wars.
  • Stacking multiple heroes of the strong colors for titans gives better scores, and thus a better chance at loot.
  • Every month there is a challenge event. One of the event levels limits you to 3* heroes or less, the next 4* or less, and the final allows all heroes. You’ll want heroes of each acceptable level for completion rewards.

General tips:

  • There is a Padlock icon on heroes and troops. Click on it to close it so you don’t accidently feed them.
  • Don’t feed heroes you have leveled to other heroes. The experience loss is considerable.
  • Don’t use gems for building.
  • Try to work towards first TC13 (training camp level 13), then TC20, for free chances at training 4* and 5* heroes respectively.
  • At stronghold level 10 you can convert a level 5 building, a spare forge by preference, into a barracks to level and improve troops. Don’t bother levelling anything before you have a decent team of heroes, and it’s usually not worth levelling anything but a 4* troop unless you’re really serious about events.

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