New Player needs advice on Hero choices for his Teams

Hi there,

I am quite new to this game but already have some heroes in my collection. However I struggle making the optimal choices for my teams. Can you give suggestions for:

  1. Titan Team
  2. Raid Team
  3. Defense Team

I would really appreciate your thoughts!

These are my Heroes:

Any hints are welcome on a particular Team as well.

Thanks in advance!


Anyone has any ideas? Don’t hesitate :slight_smile:

First of all, I am even newer tan you. I want to see if my point of view is reasonable or pure nonsense. Raids and titans may be adjusted depending on the enemy you ´re facing. For example, Falcon and Colen can delete specific teams.

Wukong and Wilbur can help you to win a battle against superior enemies.

For the defense: Mushashi and Kashrek are your best choices atm. I´d have some doubts between Kiril, Rigard and Wilbur, Gormek and Jackal. One of the reds must be in due to the defense debuff.

Option 1 Musashi, Rigard, Kashhrek, Wilbur Jackal/Gormek.

With this Wilbur+Rigard You get a strong buff, heal, dispel and an important debuff for the enemy. leaving the damage to Musashi and Gormek or Jackal. I´d go with Jackal.

Option 2 Musashi Rigard, Kashhrek, Kiril Gormek. Your Rainbow choice, maybe too much heal. could be nice in AW to grant you sustain against weak enemies.

Option 3 Musashi, Rigard, Kashrek, Kiril, Wilbur. Even tankier than before but lack of damage.

Option 4 Musashi, Kiril, Kashrek, Wilbur, Jackal With this option you Will have strong buff but won´t have specific dispel. And also you may overstack attack and defence buff.

If you play AW you must take into consideration the offcial tank color.

The main weakness in your roster is the lack of enemy boon removal.

I´d go for the first one because I hate facing them the most.

Kiril and Rigard grants you attack

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Titan teams should always be built around the weakness of the titan. In total you’ll have 5 titan teams, for each color of titan. Generally I bring 5 heroes that fit this criteria, arranged in this order (so I fire their skills left to right):

Defense down, strong color, strong color, strong color, Wu Kong

Defense down = heroes like your Wilbur or Gormek. The two Guardian 4*s you have can stack their elemental defense drops with regular defense drops too (i.e. Wilbur + G. Falcon makes green titans cry :smiley: ).

The other 3 slots I bring heroes of the strong color. Preferably those with beneficial skills that can further increase my damage (like attack buffers or stackable defense droppers) or heroes that can keep my team alive (healers like Rigard for e.g.).

Wu Kong I always bring. He is a staple on every titan except the yellow rare one, and will continue to be for me lest I get lucky with Ranvir/Tarlak/Miki in the future. His attack boost is so good for damage scores that it outweighs the risk of missing.

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Here’s what I notice - a ton of four-stars stuck at 3^60, and a bunch of unleveled three-stars. That tells me that you probably did a bunch of pulls, and as soon as you got some four-stars, you stopped working on three-stars. Now, you’re waiting for ascension materials to drop, and you can’t figure out how to make your team better. Forgive me if I’ve misjudged, but I’ve seen that movie a bunch of times before.

So here’s what I suggest. Leave all those shiny four-stars (and Musashi) alone, and build two good rainbow teams of three-stars. They level fast (relatively speaking), don’t require any rare materials to max, and will let you compete in areas that will get you those materials. For example, if you had a good three-star team ready, you could complete the rare tier of Avalon this month and grab a warm cape that I’ll bet your Kiril is drooling over.

Should you decide to take my advice, I’d recommend maxing Bane, Gato, Hawkmoon, Berden, and Balthazar first. You don’t even have enough three-stars (at least in this screenshot) to do a second rainbow team, but I’d do Melia and Belith next, while looking for Nashgar, Valen (or Gunnar), and Tyrum. Prisca and Renfeld are terrible (but you should probably hold on to Renfeld since you are so close to done with him), and Oberon is kinda meh.


Wow thanks so much for the really helpful comments so far! I learned a lot already and will adjust my tactics.

@Peazomanco: I will try your Option 1
@DaveCozy: For Titan I got really good advice.
@Noble_Weasel: You are perfectly right in your assumption and I wasn’t aware of that. I take your advice!

If anyone still has any advice at current state how a defense and raid team should consist of I am always happy to learn!

Thanks a lot,
nice community!

What would you suggest for a raid team?

I’d focus on taking some bench of each colour so you can stack more tile damage for a specific color. Black and blue are where you lack the most

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