New Player - Need Hero Group Makeup/Leveling Advice

Thanks for your insight. I’ve started leveling up Wu now as well as Rigard and Sonya. Got quite a long way to go since none of them had many levels at all. Wilbur will be my next Red level after I max out Boldtusk. Kiril is almost maxed out as well.

I have stopped on my legendarily for the moment. Lilia is the only one I can level out side of Brunhild at this time. Plan on getting her to 70 and parking her there for the moment.

By that time I should have my second round of full 4s done. I didn’t keep any rates throughout my leveling so until I but another batch of gems to snag a few I’ll be grinding out my 4s.

I would prioritize in this order:

Wu Kong

Feed your 1 and 2 stars of same color.

After, then I would work on:
Rigard and costume
Grimm or Sonya
Kadilen and costume

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