New Player - Need Hero Group Makeup/Leveling Advice

I need some advice. I’m fairly new to the game. Just hit level 26 and I’m trying to figure way too much by myself. What do you all recommend for my group makeup and which heroes I should level up. I’ve also put an * as to which ones I have costumes.

Marjana Level 60 Ascension 2
Noor Level 50 Ascension 2
Grazul Level 11 Ascension 1
Elena Level 1 Ascension 1

*Bloodtusk Level 34 Ascension 5
Wilbur Level 1 Ascension 1

Lianna Level 28 Ascension 3
Zocc Level 5 Ascension 2
Yunan Level 60 Ascension 2
*Kadilen Level 36 Ascension 1
Elkanen Level 1 Ascension 1
Brynhild Level 1 Ascension 1

*Kashhrek Level 60 Ascension 3
Melendor Level 7 Ascension 2

Delilah Level 12 Ascension 2
Leonidas Level 15 Ascension 1
Justice Level 26 Ascension 1

Hu Tao Level 53 Ascension 4
Chao Level 38 Ascension 3
Wu Kong Level 2 Ascension 1
Danzaburo Level 19 Ascension 1

Domitia Level 24 Ascension 2
Obakan Level 1 Ascension 1

Jabbar Level 70 Ascension 2 Talents 2
*Tiburtus Level 50 Ascension 2
*Rigard Level 14 Ascension 2
Cyprian Level 28 Ascension 1
Proteus Level 1 Ascension 1
Boomer Level 1 Ascension 1

Magni Level 60 Ascension 2
Richard Level 1 Ascension 1

*Kiril Level 39 Ascension 4
*Boril Level 60 Ascension 3
Sonya Level 41 Ascension 2
Grimm Level 38 Ascension 1

I’m level 25 so far. I don’t mind spending more money on the game for gems, but now it’s to the point where I know I need some good guidance so I don’t waste any more money.

Really could use some good suggestions. I participate in raids and the Map quests etc. I don’t war with my alliance yet since I don’t have too many extra minions for multiple teams.

Please please help!!! :slight_smile: All suggestions are appreciated.


Welcome Drak. I was in the same boat and to some extent still am. Check out as a reference for hero grades and strengths. Watch videos on how teams are structured. Build up your iron and food storages. Focus on one color hero each at a time. If I had it to do over again I would have built up 4*’s 1st focusing on healers and snipers, then work on 5s. But picking a hero and sticking to them until fully leveled is one thing i wish I had focused more on. Fill your chest as often as possible, rewards seem weak but they add up, and Elemental Chest usually have really good rewards and show up at random every 4-10days?
When leveling a hero, focus on color match feeders 10 at a time when possible. Then when you max the skill at 8, you can do more off color feeding. Especially on 3
and 4*. Hope this helps a little and good luck


IMO, looking at your list I would look at focusing on Boldtusk/Wilbur, Bryhild, Rigard/Tiburtus, Grimm, and Hu Tao. Long term, I think you will get the most use out of Rigard(especially costume) Brynhild, and Wilbur


Thanks for that input. I do wish I had sought after some suggestions sooner of course so now I’m kinda going back and finding info but since I’ve got a good base of heroes and such I’m now working on the focusing aspects. I’ll check out your suggestions.

I was told that my legendary heroes were usually better to focus on. Is that not the case?

In my honest opinion, you need to focus on both your 3* and 4* heroes before levelling Legendary.
As a rule of thumb, level 3 x 3* rainbow teams and 3 x 4* rainbow teams as a starter for ten.
They will get you the mats for your 5* ascension.
For your 4* you should max
Wu Kong
Then come back into the forum after those to ask further questions
Good luck


Does it matter if I’m getting titan items for my final legendary Ascension’s with the titan lots of my alliance? I’ll have Lianna maxed ascension probably next week.

I do see your opinions on the 3s and 4s. I’m gonna have quite a bit of releveling to go that route. Looks like I’m gonna have to check into that.


You need a solid team of 3’s&4’s. With emblems 4’s match up with 5’s AND the resource for the final step are available EASY and at not cost. The 5* ascension material are hard to come by and you will ne waiting at 3-70 FOREVER and lose interest in the game.

my player rank is 70, I use my sonyas, mel, Reg, krill EVERY day. I wish I had Bry. Wilbur and Wu are indispensible for titian.


That’s good info. I can start doing that too.

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Good advice. Other advice would be to quit now before you get sucked in and save your money =)

■■■■. Wayyyy too much money spent to quit. I’m all in now

Nobody wants to hear “ work on those 4and wait for the 5”. But it’s great advice. @JGE has a good list. I would say proteus, wilbur, bryn, soyna and wu kong should come first as they are useful in so many ways.

Maxing those 3 and 4 star heroes will get you into war quicker and with more depth than having a few 5*.

Good news is you’ve got great heroes to work on.


Max Lianna but in my opinion, you need some base 4* heroes to proceed further.
My biggest mistake was to do what you are doing now and focus on all those 5* heroes first. At some point you will hit a brick wall and run out of mats for your 4* ascension never mind 5*.
Think of this game as a marathon race rather than a sprint race.
It really is a game of patience
Good luck


You will find your time more fruitful focusing on leveling a strong roster of four stars… those five star ascension mats due to randomness of drops will create a choke point for levelling five stars anyways.

If you want a northstar for leveling strategy… the 2 priorities should be

  • roster depth
  • hero synergy

So focusing on a deeper four star roster to create more synergistic teams for raiding and titans will benefit you by yielding better scores and loot drop chances. And You will get to enjoy another aspect of this game by getting to participate in alliance wars quicker if you can build a war roster of four stars.

Some useful links that is nice to share (and helps with four star prioritization):

Titan and Raid architecture infographics (to help synergize your offensive heroes)

Defensive setup inspiration:

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Yup I hit this point also awhile back lol

I’ll echo everyone else’s suggestion to work on your 4 star heroes right now. Remember you need at least 30 heroes for alliance wars. Just thinking about the costs for ham and xp, you can max two 4 star heroes for roughly the same amount of xp that it takes to max one 5 star. Additionally, having a wider variety of heroes to choose from will make events, tournaments, emblem quests, and raids much easier, which will give you a greater chance of getting the ascension materials needed to level the 5 stars.

Wow. Thanks for that info. Will go through it for sure

Enough people have made those recommendations so might as well take the advice that I’ve asked for. :joy:

I’ve got 2 of my highest 4s maxes now, and will be leveling the other 4s that people recommended. Only good thing was that I snagged a Vivica just now in my holy summoning.

I’ve only got 6 maxed 5* (well two more on the way) but I maxed 34 4* and 42 3* in my 7 months of playing. Even with a relative lack of 5* I can still comfortably complete all challenge events and class trials, and because I have a decent selection of 3* and 4* to work with I do fairly well in the weekly tournaments too (top 5% or better).

You’re not missing out on anything by putting those 5* on hold for now - if nothing else you’ll likely have to park them at 3/70 for quite a while anyway while waiting for the 4* ascension mats to roll in. As someone mentioned 4* especially with emblems come close to a 5* without emblems, but they’re so much cheaper and faster to level. The key is leveling the right ones and you’ve already received some great advice, so I will only add that you should bump Proteus to the top of your leveling list because he is truly a game changer especially for challenge events.

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It appears we have a consensus that you should defer investing in the five-star heroes for a while. That is solid advice.

I would add, in case it is not obvious or already your intention, work on one hero of each color, feeding that hero feeders of the same color. This is the most efficient aproach.

You have some heroes on your roster on whom you will depend for a long time; e.g., Rigard. So you can work on them and still make progress on your future state, mature roster.

Here is my advice, for what it is worth:
Purple: Rigard & his costume. You get the full costume bonus with the costume at 4.70 and the non-constumed version at 4.01, btw. The bonus makes him faster, in addition to sturdier.
Following Rigard, I would go with Tiburtus for his defense down, particularly against titans. Proteus is a solid choice, too.

Yellow: Wu Kong is your top priority if you care at all about titans. I’m not a fan of Hu Tao, due to his speed. He is quite handy in rush tourneys, but that feels like a nice-to-have until you round out your roster. Chao does not get much love in the forum, but he is fast and has a mana down. At some point in the near future, you will face a lot of defenses that contain Cyprian or Boril, and Chao’s “hit one” special is actually handy in those circumstances. Danzaburo has good tile stats, particularly after the rebalancing in May. If you like (or don’t mind) that his special can be one of three varieties, only two of which are good, he may be a good choice.

Blue: Kiril is your top priority. He is another hero that will be useful long after you have a bunch of maxed five-star heroes. I love Sonya and have leveled two of her. She’s fast, and she debuffs the whole enemy field (again, when you hit that spate of Boril/Cyprian defenses, Sonya is super handy). Since you’ve got C Rigard, you may even want to go Sonya > Kiril.

Green: You’ve got Kashhrek at 3.60, so that seems a logical choice as he can serve as your tank. The trouble is, that once you’ve got a better tank than Kashhrek (Guinevere, Kunchen, Aegir, etc.) he won’t be very useful. His tile stats and his passive special don’t make him fun to raid with. Your next choice is Melendor. While everyone needs healers, at this stage, you only need so many. If you decide to max Sonya ahead of Kiril, work on Melendor. If not, work on a three star green.

Red: Wilbur is great for titans, so that’d be my first priority. Boldtusk is a beast, but you seem to be flush with healers. When you get to the point where you are seriously raiding and employing a 3-2 raiding strategy, having a healer of each color is handy. You may not be there yet, but Boldtusk is great, particularly with the costume and will be useful for a long time.

good luck

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