New player need help for raid D set-up

I have the following 5*, which ones shall i prioritise to level up and set as raid defense?

Ruby, Alexandrine, Magni, lady of lake(c), ratatoskar, viscaro, guardian kong (c), seshat(c), master lepus (c), iris, zagrog, Elizebeth, el nadaha, zulag, clarrissa and athena (c)

I dont have any 5* yellow, only have a few 4*, d andre, mist, wang yuanji, xiu li(c),hutao, gretel and the new scoratek

Cheers guys

Here’s my advice don’t worry about your defence currently. Level heroes you like to use in attack and other aspects of the game. Use them currently. It may leave you temporarily losing a lot of raids/ war hits against you, but you will be able to win raids so you can still open your chest in the bracket that suits. Eventually the defence will come as well, but it’s not somewhere your immediate focus should be

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Forget about defense. Focus on 4* that you can use to attack in raid, map stages, events and titan. Unless you have stored a lot of feeder heroes, it will take you months just to level a 5* at which point you will feel like you’re stuck

Focus on 4* at least 10 of them that you can swap around depending what you want to do.

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Thanks, I do find it takes super long to fully level up a 5*, especially with costume.

I have only made ruby and Alexandrine max at the moment and cademon, tiburtus and d andre maxed to form a ‘temp’ team.

I do have quite a few 4* with potential, which ones out your head might fit into Alexandrine and ruby well?