New Player need Guidelines

I get the Idea of 3* before 4* and so on, but when is the Gap when 4* outshine the 3* and 5* the 4*, yes i need to find out how far i can get with my AM.

So is it possible Progress faster in the Map with 3and is it usefull? Cause Progression doesnt give u a lot of rewards, example clear S1 gives u 1 Token? I mean its nice to have but not really a thing u should tryhard for and max out 3?

I read really a lot and Kinda get some knowledge so i would try, lets given i had Mats for the heroes, would it be an ok defense Raid/War wise with Melendor/Grimm/Mitsuko/Malosi/jabbawock.

Is the Order right,if not why? My thought process is, Mele cleanse, Grimm defbreaks, Mitsuko as Tank, Malosi kind of negates Effects?! And Jabba doing dmg and dots.

If this Team is bad i would love an Idea what i could build of my Roster:

By the time you level those heros there will be bunch of other mighty heros. A rainbow team has very less chance to win an offensive raids , also to score high on the titans.

Do you have the mats to max Mitsuko and how quickly can you do it? As a 4* tank Boril is one of the best and will work better at 4/70 than Mitsuko at 3/70. It took me 10 months to max my first 5* (as F2P). You can easily max two 4* in the time required to max one 5*. A 4* team can get you to low platinum.

Ye i checked out which AM are required i cant get any 5* to 4/70 now, and for 3/70 they share the same AM as the 4*, so no Idea.

Well i would prefer to build First a Team to obtain the AMs given, like this Event but they require 4600 strength, i Managed so far till the Last row but now i struggle, does their 3* still help or would it be wasted? My strength is at 2800 right now with BT, Tiburtus, Boril, Hu tao, skittleskull

The 4600 strength is more of a guideline. I’ve beaten those levels with teams around 3900-4000 TP. You need the right synergies between your heroes (and the right items).

I get it, so what would be ur suggestion for me?

My suggestion would be your team isn’t going to get much further. Pretty good to have gotten that far. Slow down and chill out mate, you need to max out some heroes over time

Right iv started a new account as my old is in limbo.
Level windmills food storage to level 3
2 Training camp to level 4
Mines to level 4
Iron storage all the time then SH
In a week I’m on SH 10
Get to level 15 replay the 1 we on wonderland as gives experiace that unlocks more things to do
Soon as you get SH to 11 put a training camp to 11 (resurch nothing until 11) once that’s done put the other training camp to 11 then work back on iron storage to get your SH to 15

Honestly once you’ve leveled up a dispeller (or two), Boril and Cyprian tanks are mostly no longer an issue. I actually enjoy raiding against riposte tanks, because I know as long as I don’t snipe a hero protected by riposte, the tile damage I take is relatively minor and very survivable. This allows me to tile dump into them if needed to charge my dispellers (I always bring Sonya and Caedmon when facing Boril/Cyprian), and then I can just snipe away at the wings and the tank just becomes one hapless meatshield.

As you pointed out through, Boril/Cyprian can be much more effective on offense especially against an AoE heavy team. Why do all the hard work yourself when you can just let the enemy team suicide themselves? :grin:

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Just to clear out, SH is right now on 14 to 15, windmills are 12 and 13, Mines at 13, 2x TC 11, no reason to go further lets say 13, cause i have plenty work on Heroes right now, so i basically skip that Part with 3rd TC which goes the way to 20 when SH done, i might consider going with 3rd to 11 and doing the 4th till 20.

Well finished 2 more Event stages, i want atleast the “Shield” cause they rare for me.

And Slow Down is no option, i ask for the faster way in my Situation, i know if i just let time pass by i gonna get there eventually, but if i can make Progress to certain Points to get “rare” Items then i can relax.

Finished tourney top 5% the rewards are way more promising then just being Part for a grey Coin summon.

But thx for the help

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“Slow down” is relative. What you need to realize is that the situation right now is often not your situation tomorrow or in a week, especially when there are multiple events running. I’ve needed a plan for something, and then not needed a plan for it in the span of less than a day, due to say, getting a hero of a color to work on that I didn’t have.

Boril is sort of a nuker, by the way. If you use him against a team that relies heavily on nukers who hit all heroes of yours, his defense ripostes 3 of them back. If I see a defense team which has more than one attack all hero on it, Boril is getting the call.

Be sure to ignore all those elemental summon options in TC, don’t even research them.The TC level that gives a chance at Epic is a decent place to research, as it gets you new heroes, but not as useful as it was before costume shop keys.

Another reason to spend time on the 3 & 4*s. At this point you have a much better chance of scoring high in a 3 tourney than a 4 or 5. If you completely ignore your 3s then you won’t progress very far during those weeks.

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Ye i see the Point for 3* in tourney, thats why i asked which Teams are better, i have no clue about schedules and rewards, 3* seem just good for exactly the tourneys, but is it the “most effiecient” way?!

I have maxed out 2 3* and they basically replaced by any 4* even a non lvled 5* does more then a 3* max lvl and 3 Talents. So the question is, in which Part of the Game are more frequent dropping AMs 3* or above?!

Edit: okay got the stabile shield.

Now how rare are Emblems and how worth they are,lets say for a 3* +6 4* +11 and 5* 20,is their a “how many emblems u need tool”?

Hey all, do u use this harvester things on special days? First i thought, oh ye during Atlantis where Costs at half, but then, its only active for S1 right?

So are they any special Events to profit from those?

+1 to this.

DO NOT ignore your 3* (particularly the S3 or event 3* if you have them) especially for where you are in the game right now. When effectively color stacked they can punch way above their weight. Since I don’t have enough maxed 4* heroes for war, I color stack 3* for my last 2 or 3 war flags, and I can usually take down a 3000 TP team if the board plays nice with me.

Right now I already have two maxed (4/70) 4* rainbow teams but I’m still working on 3* heroes. My goal is to be able to run mono in each color for 3*, and I’m one away in red, blue, and yellow, three away in purple, and I’ll have six maxed 3* greens in hopefully a week or two. Some alliance members think I’m wasting resources, but they’re also the ones who can’t place better than top 50% in 3* tourneys and always complain that the rare tier of challenge events is too hard. :wink:

No, the harvesters in my opinion are almost completely useless

Thx, yes i thought too, the Refills not worth 100 Gems for Gain 28 Energy, and flasks u would prefer for the Atlantis Event over those 50% gain from harvests.

Are they any Threads to make them viable?!

New Update, new Issues :smile:

So, SH now 17,working on Storage space for next Upgrade.

To the real Problem, since i stopped using Gems for Refills my Backpacks and Swords are empty now and i cant feed my heroes further(i dont count TC 11 as “fodder serve”, its just a Storage for recruits). So, how do u guys Deal with Backpacks/Swords to continue Upgrade the heroes? Are they some Different TC lvls to abuse? I mean like Trainer fire Units ,but dont know if there is any lvl that not share same Materials.

Which Materials are important to Watch? I have weird Numbers.

Should i skip some rare Quests like Gems or XP or the Battle Items?

Tl:dr how to deal with Energy efficient?!

@Bert, what is your experience level (number by your avatar)?

I farm s1:8-7 with my WE, most of the time unless there is a rare quest, seasonal event, event, etc. I haven’t completed a daily quest except for PoV points in over a year. I save all WE flasks and loot tickets for AR and farm s2 like crazy for 3 days so that I have enough backpacks to run 1 or 2 tc2s for at least a month until the next AR.

Lvl 27 44% , 193k to go for next?! Not sure what this tells u :smiley:

So basically “abuse AR” and then live from Month to Month?

How many Flasks do u usually get? Do u buy offers with flasks included? I wonder cause for free i got maybe 3 flasks in a Month at best 5, doesnt Sound it would Carry me 3 days through AR^^

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