New player looking for talent grids

Hi all, new player, very low spender (Valor pass and the monthly thing for 2 builders). I have my 3* team maxed and looking for talent grid recommendations. I have some 4s but not maxed. I watched a YouTube video that said if you don’t plan on spending a good bit, it will be difficult to max the grid for my 4s let alone my 5*. Open to your recommendations!!




 Wu Kong
 Little John



Welcome @Yourmedic.

In terms of grids, I think there are a number of places you could look. One that may be pretty close to what you’re looking for was originally authored by Anchor, but now maintained by others (I believe). This work rates heroes by offense, defense, titans, and tournaments.

There are also guides for where to place your heroes on defense:

Be aware that few heroes are universally liked, most have lovers and haters. Ultimately, you need to decide on whom to spend your resources to develop.

If you search the thread, you’ll find rules of thumb along the lines of “develop a team of 3-star heroes before working on four-star heroes” which are good advice, but not inviolable.

It may be too early for you to know what is important to you in the game, e.g., how important are titans, do you like raiding, tourneys, war? Knowing what your priorities are is helpful in making decisions.

I recommend that you work on one hero of each color at one time, feeding those heroes only feeders of their own color. I also recommend that you stick with your plan and not switch heroes mid-stream when you land a sought-after one.

Are the heroe’s you’ve listed the ones you are considering leveling, or the ones you have already leveled? If the former, all five of those 3* heroes should be maxed, so work on them first.

When you’re done with Bane, start working on Wu Kong, but only if you care about titans. Wu is great against titans, and titans are a way to get materials to build your other heroes.

Sonya is a great hero, and you should max her as soon as Valen is leveled up.

Marjana is a solid hero, but five-star heroes take a lot of materials to level up. Do you have any other red heroes?

Actually, it would be great if you could list all your heroes so that folks on the forum can make suggestions re whom to level first, etc.

Good luck


Welcome to the forum.

Great recommendations by @RicElDrac.

Soyna and Wu are great 4* to max.

I prefer to not use emblems on 3* but you certainly can put them on your maxed 3* team until you get your 4* roster built.

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Thank you @RicElDrac! The 3s I listed are maxed, I am working on those 4s and Marjana. I am adding my current heros as recommended. Thank you for the help!!


 Balthazar - Maxed
 Bane - Maxed
 Berden - Maxed
 Hawkmoon - Maxed
 Valen - Maxed
 Prisca- Maxed
 Gan Ju


 Wu Kong
 Little John
 Boldtusk - has a costume for him?


Purple: Tyrum > Renfeld based on speed.

Yellow: Wu Kong > Gan Ju. Wu for titans, Gan Ju over Dawa due to his speed

Blue: Vodnik > Sonya > Grimm > Gunnar. Sonya and Grimm are both good, but Sonya’s fast. Gunnar is slow, but he’s handy in 3* tourneys, particularly rush tourneys. Kiril is also good, so maybe Vodnik > Sonya > Kiril > Grimm > Gunnar

Green: Brienne > Little John. Kashhrek is good as a tank, but not good on raids or against titans. Little John is slow, but has a high title count, so he’s good against titans and good for raiding if you employ a 3-2. Brienne is great in tourneys, particularly buff booster.

Red: Nashgar > Boldtusk > Gormek

Back to your tank. As I said, Kashhrek is a very good tank, but not very useful outside of defense. If you level up Boldtusk or Gormek, they could serve as your tank, and are useful elsewhere. Since you have Boltusk’s costume, level the non-costume version to 4.1 and then max the costume version before leveling up the non-costume version. That way you’ll get the full costume version the quickest.

Re healers: you have some good healers, which are useful, particularly as you begin to get serious about fighting in wars. Belith is great as she dispels buffs from the enemy. Kiril and Boldtusk are useful. I still use them in most wars.


There is a super helpful app for your phone called EP lootbox. With each hero you can look at their talent grid and plug in the different directions. It’s super helpful and I’ve done it a number of times when embleming.

Have fun!!

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you are a C2P… then you may read this guide:

Scarecrow’s Embleming guide

this guide doesn’t include season 3 heroes and new costumes. but still a good one.

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