New player hero team

Hi all i play this game for 3 weeks now and i have simple question. Can u help me with my hero team roster in fact can u tell how to position them

Welcome! Unfortunately, that is far from a “simple question”… there are so many things you should know… what you will learn over time, should you stick around long enough, is that this game is very far from simple.

Okay, so a couple of basic suggestions I can offer based on your screenshot:

#1, if you haven’t done so already, LOCK IN YOUR BANE. He is a 3* hero, and 3* heroes are going to be more useful in the long run than the 2* heroes. To lock in a hero, click on the hero card, look for the lock icon (should be in the upper left corner). Click it so that it lights up; that will keep you from accidentally “feeding” your Bane to another hero.

#2, you have a level 1 Layla on your active team, but a level 9 Layla not assigned to any team. Switch those. Layla is a strong 2* hero if you level her up. The level 9 Layla is going to be stronger than the level 1 you’re currently using.

There’s a million more things you will need to know as you progress, there are lots of newbie guides on this forum and elsewhere on the net, finding a friendly training alliance can help as well, just know upfront that this is a game of slow progression and it will take you more than a few weeks to learn even the basics.

Don’t worry too much about the 2* heroes you have now, as you will most likely be replacing them all eventually.


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