New player, having some issues with blue and red. Your advice?

Raid not based on Team Power, but based on Thropy, so if your current trophy is too high, just drop it by changing your defense weaker Power for a moment like one/two days, then Raid will has less Power Team.

What level player currently? Lower level is fast to levelup and can get extra more hero spaces.
Here is the space based on Level player:

Best way is if your SH is under lvl 11, running:
1x TC4 → for stocking your recruit, this is Mini TC11.
1x TC2/TC1 → depend on sword (TC1) or backpack/adventure kits (TC2).

After level 11:
1x TC11 → for stocking your recruit, move from your TC4
1x TC2/TC1 → depend on sword (TC1) or backpack/adventure kits (TC2).

After level 13:
1x TC11 → for stocking your recruit
1x TC2/TC1 → depend on sword (TC1) or backpack/adventure kits (TC2).
1x TC 13 → for stocking food, so we can move recruit to TC11 to get food.

*3 Heroes: 1.30 → 2.40 → 3.50
*4 Heroes: 1.40 → 2.50 → 3.60 → 4.70
*5 Heroes: 1.50 → 2.60 → 3.70 → 4.80

Ascension items is require to move from tier 1 to tier 2, and so on.

Ascension item for *3 heroes is farmable in map, but for *4 at tier 4 and *5 heroes tier 3 and 4 need unfarmable items, means you can only get from Titan/War/etc…

Here is summarize ascension need mats.

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4* 3.60?

X* Y.Z is
X stars
Y tier
Z level

( The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary) )

Season 1 & 2

Season 1 has 23 provinces.
Season 2 has 27 provinces.

I finished Season 1 when Season 2 was announced. But people have said Season 2 opens before you finish Season 1.


Click for base

Unless you are a big spender, I advice getting to Legendary training ( recruit training level 20 ) as soon as possible since it is a great source of 4* heroes.

As a general rule of thumb level all buildings to level 8. Then two training camps to level 11. This lets you have one training camp while you upgrade the other. Then farms, food storage, mines, and iron storage to level 12 or 13. Then see the below links.

It also helps to have your Watchtower the same level as your Stronghold.

Personally, I run 3x Extra low cost training ( recruit training level 11 ) so at Stronghold 11, I upgrade all 3x training camps to level 11. Extra low cost has great return on recruits, but takes a really long time. So three camps running Extra low cost training helps with the slowness.


I usually advise people to ignore raids until they have 2x rainbow 3* 3.50 and 1x to 2x rainbow 4* 3.60 for color stacking. You will also hit an ascension item wall ( 3* / 4* ascension items ) so you will get a temporary glut of food for rerolls.

Hoarding recruits

Recruits can be stored in Low cost training ( RT04 ) and Extra low cost ( RT11 ).

3* / 4* ascension items

Ascension items are used to level a hero to the next tier. The following ascension items are need for 4* / 5* heroes.

( Ascension Items for max. Tier )

If you click on some ascension items, example 3* Hidden Blade, they are referred to as non farmable ( only obtainable as rewards from Wanted Missions, Titan Battles, Alliance Wars, Challenge Events and Tourneys ).

Heroes in the game

Class of all heroes ( and were to get the heroes )
( 🦸 Memento Heroes Classes and Class Trial Quests )

Details of all heroes
( New! All Updated Hero Rosters (including costumed heroes, trainer heroes and family bonuses) )

3* Healers

Click for 3* healers

There are only three 3* healers. Green Belith, Red Hawkmoon and Green Friar Tuck.

I still have my 1x Friar Tuck 3* 3.50 ( my first 3* healer).

But I also have
2x Belith 3* 3.50,
2x Hawkmoon 3* 3.50
and a few other Belith and Hawkmoon for trade.

Trade is 2-3 years away, I should probably get rid of some now that I have a stockpile of 4* 1.1 healers for trade.

3* Teams

So it is easier to build a team around your 3* healers.

So I would recommend leveling Friar Tuck.

Roster 3* Heroes

Renfeld and Graymane are HP stealers.

Renfeld you can probably use to level another hero. Renfeld is not considerd a good purple 3* hero and you have Tiburtus.

Graymane is trickery. Not a very good hero, but for now, a blue 3*

( Convince me not to feed my 3^50 Graymane - #7 by Gryphonknight )

Probably want to hold onto Berden. I have never leveled Berden, instead I leveled Friar Tuck and 2x Belith ( see above ).

1*/ 2* Heroes

Unless you have space, I would not hold onto the 1* / 2* heroes. Personally I have 1* Sigrunn, 2* Layla and 2* Ragnhild, but I have 242 hero slots.


I have been playing since 2017-September and just recently got blue 4* Boril and still missing purple 4* Cyprian.

With bad RNG you can go years without a specific 4* hero ( see notes).

So red 4* Boldtusk and blue 4* Kiril ( the only 4* red and only 4* blue healer ) may elude you for months or years ( see notes )

4* healers

Click for 4* Healers

While good heroes, Boldtusk only heals for 27% and Kiril for 28% so I also have

purple Rigard 4*+11 and 4* 3.60
green Melendor 4*+11 and 4* 3.60
purple Sabina 4*+11 and 4* 3.60

All of who heal for 42%.

And a Kashhrek 4* 3.60, heal nearby 45% and protection from strong color, for defense and war teams. Gaderius is still at 4* 1.1 because Kashhrek is at 4* 3.60.

4 * Teams

So it is easier to build a team around your 4* healers.


Click for notes

4* RNG Paywall

Reference notes on DrakenKin's hero roster for future consults

Friar Tuck

Sharon 2*+3





Hi! Something i wih i learned much earlier on was that having a “rainbow” team is not always the best thing. Don’t focus on having a red or blue if you dont have one. Just focus on having the types of fighters that you want. The best to have is (or course) a healer. Some people even like 2 but i use 1. Then, at least 2 strong fighters, and the other 2 spots of any type (counter-attack, defense boost, attack boost, another healer, another fighter, or a mixed skilled hero). When you stack a color you increase the tile hits effectiveness. Your current best healer is Friar Tuck. Use him with Caedmon until you level up Margie and get a better healer. I have her and she’s badass but she’s useless unti her shield and over xp levels up. Feel free to reach out to me on discord if you want help or join my team, Tequila Mockingbirds, we’ll get you there :wink: @Devin#5699

Hello again,
When you get to SH level 12 you might want to run TC 12 unstead ot 13, 13 is more expensive to run, the difference is only a possibility of, if you’re lucky, to maybe, eventually, get a 4*, 12 will give 3* so maybe you’ll get what you need.
Fr Tuck is the best you have, now, i would use him. Use what you have, not what you wish.
Go to the players guide a lot of info is in there.
Don’t worry about raids, they are set up to be against you, i don’t like them.
The cups don’t matter overall.
A lot of good info is being offered to you and anyone following the thread, so i thank everyone, I’m picking your brains as well.
Have fun.

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Hello everyone, thanks for all the great information! I’ve read it and will reread it because there’s a lot to digest.

Today was my RED elemental day, i spent 600 from the gems i had, and got Jahangir 3* and Hawkmoon 3*… A RED HEALER! Finally i can retired 1* sharan.

I am left with 557 gems. With VIP i should have 600 by the time blue elemental day comes, and maybe ill be lucky enough to get a good blue to finish my rainbow team. Else i find that with 2 greens (caedmon and margaret) and now a 3* healer i am managing reasonably.

Raid not based on Team Power, but based on Thropy, so if your current trophy is too high, just drop it by changing your defense weaker Power for a moment like one/two days, then Raid will has less Power Team.

Ooh I’ll try that. I don’t care about crowns, i am using raids as an additional source of food mainly, around 4000 food per win is quite decent, when you can win that is. How much food would i lose from having a weak team to drop my crowns? If someone steals 4000 food, do i actually lost that much or is it a ratio? I am trying to calculate if it’s worth doing.

What level player currently?

Currently I just hit level 17.

Unless you are a big spender

I meant to be F2P but ended up spending 15$ + VIP. I don’t plan on buy anything other than VIP from now on.

color stacking

I’ve been getting good results with color stacking for raids. My raids team is almost the same, but i replace the healer with another yellow DPS (Bane). The result is dual green, dual yellow and the purple Tiburtus for the damage boost.

Am i doing it right or do you have other tips for color stacking? How should i do it for titans also?

There are only three 3* healers. Green Belith, Red Hawkmoon and Green Friar Tuck.

Wow, ok. That changes everything. I’ll have to manage my expectations and probably use some 2* healers for my other teams (I have Sha Ji). And yes i will definitely level up friar now.

What do you think of using extra defense heroes instead of heal? For example 2* Olaf gives +40% defense to all, which sounds quite considerable. He’s also blue, a color i lack anything good in except maybe for greymane.

What do you think of 2* Shaarkot? Or damage boosting heroes in general? So far i’ve been thinking getting an attack is better than getting a boosted one, but with color stacking, and the way damage seem to scale exponentially if your attack is over the enemy defense, i am reconsidering this belief. Any input?

Thanks everyone! <3



Trophy dropping

The short answer is, it is extremely complicated.

If you want to maximize your food, I would set a strong defense team and manually trophy drop.

([Trophy Tactics] "Waffle, "Drop", "Slow Climb" and "Hover" or tactics for deliberately changing trophies)

Good IAP gem deals

Some tips on IAP

( [Opinion, Discussion] Effective IAP gem deals in Empires or Return On Investment )

Color stacking

You are good.

To get the most use out of color stacking you need 2x to 3x rainbow teams which you are working on.

Click for quote

Defense and Attack buffs

Generally speaking healing special skills and damage special skills are the best.

Extra attack is called an attack buff. Extra defense is called a defense buff.

Defense buffs are cool as a secondary effect ( Kiril, Wilbur, Aegir, Victor, etc. ) but has a limited duration and can be hard to time.

Attack buffs work better because you can time it easier.

One problem with color stacking, it does not help with your attacking team’s defense since enemies use tinted damage ( see link ).

So if you pick an hero of the correct color, with an attack buff, even dead they will do double tile / matching/ physical damage ( strong color stacking, grave damage. see above color stacking quote ).

While picking a hero of the correct color, with a defense buff, they might be killed before they can use their special skill.

( What Is Elemental Damage? - A Guide to Elements - #61 by Gryphonknight )


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