New player bundle offering redundant hero


New player here, so I apologize beforehand if I’m overlooking something or this has been posted already, but I thought the devs might want this feedback:

The $4.99 new player bundle includes some gems and a handful of goodies, including an epic summon coin (the big prize). I’ve been playing for a couple of days and found the game enjoyable, so I bought the bundle and used the coin. I summoned Dawa, a 3-star yellow offense hero.

As everybody knows, the game provides every new player with Bane, who is… a 3-star yellow offense hero. Though I’m new, I quickly learned that having two of the same colored hero is, generally speaking, a major disadvantage because it makes the outlier gem color virtually worthless.

Let me say outright that I’ve played plenty of games with the accursed “gacha” system; I know it’s luck of the draw, and my luck obviously sucked. However, the whole scenario left me wondering - why is it even possible to draw a redundant, fairly useless hero in this one-time bundle? I don’t think this is being greedy; I would’ve been fine with literally ANY other color hero (or even a yellow of greater rarity).

For somebody just starting, I feel like the game welcomed me, took my money, and basically extended a middle finger right off the bat. It has certainly made me think twice about spending another dime on the game.

My salt aside, I would really encourage the devs to exclude 3-star yellows from this bundle if they don’t want to run off paying players who are just getting into the game.


That is bad luck, but the summons are random, it doesn’t look at what you already have to complete it.

But using 2 same color heroes is not always a bad idea. I use that at the moment, 2 greens. Ok I don’t have a red so red gems say “hero missing” and do 1 damage, but green gems do double damage. Hitting a blue hero with that is murdering. It is a trade off. If your same color one is clearly better then use that. If equal power then I suggest looking what heroes work best together, color and abilitywise.

On defence it matters even less, because defender don’t use gems, their attacks work differently.


I use two of the same color heroes against the opposing color Titan (in your case, two yellows against a purple Titan). I fill the other spaces with other heroes of the rainbow that I think might best serve me; offense or defense.

Good luck!


Couple questions stemming from your comment:

  1. having two of the same color in your team causes them to do double damage when attacking? Just with specials or with gems too?

  2. how do attacks work for the defending team? Been trying to figure that out for awhile now.


When gems hit every gem does damage depending on the attack difference of the hero and the defence of the one hit.

If you have 2 or more heroes of that color they all do damage. So with 2 heroes 3 gems do 6 damage. 3 from each hero. Here is a picture of 2 red heroes in the team and launching a 3 gems in horizontal row. One enemy is hit by 1 gem and the other 2 gems. So one gets 2 damage numbers and the other 4.

Specials don’t add up the damage, it is the attack of the hero using special that counts only. But both get mana from the hit so you can launch both heroes specials if they both charged up.


Thanks all for the feedback. I didn’t realize two of the same color hero would double the power of the corresponding gem color, so that makes me feel a bit better. It’s still a big disappointment to pull a 3-star yellow when you’re starting out because you need any hero BUT that one - did I mention I hate gacha? :stuck_out_tongue:

On the plus side, I’ve found this community to be really supportive and I appreciate the input.


Just to add on to all the great replies. Getting another hero of the same color and star level is not a bad thing. Each hero offers something different in terms of their skills. I have many hero of the same color leveled and I change which ones I use depending on the situation. In addition many level two of the same hero becuase it can be advantageous in raids, pvp and quests.