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I have been reading a lot of the posts and everyone says go for 3* characters after 3 days I have over 300 gems and one seasonal token for a free pull my base is up to level 5 and I’m finding out you have to use 2*'s in the beginning not unless someone can tell me how to get a whole team of 3* characters from the beginning without spending money so my I guess I use the 7 pulls from my summon gate which includes the seasonal pull and wait for the color I want from the elemental summon not unless there’s a new event with better heros for the seasonal and did get the $5 VIP

That’s a good plan. We’re about to have the Knights of Avalon event which has a few great heroes, so I would save your gems for that. Otherwise the seasonal events are the best time to use epic tokens.

I used 2*s for the first 3 weeks or so before finding a full rainbow of better heroes.

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Welcome to E&P!

The advice about using 3s is usually meant as a caution about moving too quickly to level up any 4 and 5* heroes you might be lucky enough to pull. First order of business is getting 2* heroes (which should be easy) then 3*.

@Wharflord did the legwork on rating the Classic 3* heroes in this assessment:

OK thanks everyone’s talking like leveling 2*'s was bad But I see you have to I’m also doing some farming while I wait and getting every structure to the highest level I can in my base


At the ABSOLUTE WORST… you will get 3* from every single pull, gem or (gold) token.

You may even get lucky and get a 3* from the daily portal (or silver token).

Focus on filling your monster & raid chests as much as possible.

Raid chest? I’m lost haven’t seen that term used yet

I apologize. Hero chest. Second chest down from the top left. :slight_smile: Filled by killing other players’ heros in raids.

Thanks learned something new great information

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